If you have ever physically seen a baby in NICU with tubes attached everywhere, you’ll understand why we always celebrate when a baby makes it through. I saw the picture of Tayo’s baby Folahanmi with tubes attached and my heart skipped a few beats. That such a helpless baby can be in such a situation is something we never want to experience and it is at these moments you know just how powerless you are and why God is EVERYTHING. Tayo, thank you so much for sharing this testimony with us and to encourage all others that in the face of adversity, God comes through ALWAYS.

These two have known each other since secondary school and it is such a pleasure to be sharing this testimony with you because they are friends from secondary school and God definitely gave them a great gift. Look how precious Folahanmi is!!!! I praise God for you. I praise God for sparing your life Tayo!

I had a very good pregnancy. I had no nausea, no vomiting, no unusual cravings, and no tiredness. I was happy and strong. This was such a blessing to me because I had some exams I was studying for.

I went for all my antenatal visits and there was no problem. Being a Medical Dr., I had no worries. It never for once crossed my mind that anything could go wrong. I felt I had witnessed enough deliveries and I was ready for mine.

On my EDD, I woke up and knew it was time. I was timing the contractions, breathing steadily, singing Nathaniel Bassey and feeling hyped.

Despite the fact that I had adequate contractions and was taking walks, 12hrs after I got to the hospital, my labour had barely progressed.

18hrs later, my labor stopped progressing completely at 7cm. I developed chorioamnionitis and started shivering uncontrollably. The fetal monitor started showing that the baby was in distress. My baby had to be brought out by an emergency cesarean section. HE DID NOT BREATHE AT ALL! He was immediately intubated and taken to the intensive care unit. Within the next few hours, he had a seizure; and then another seizure! While this was happening, I was still on the table losing so much blood and slipping in and out of consciousness. What I thought would be an easy delivery had become a nightmare.

While in recovery, I was told my baby had to be transferred to a more intensive care unit in another hospital. So many negative things started flooding my mind. I started thinking of all the medical jargon associated with what had happened to him. I couldn’t pray! I felt so angry and started thinking of what I could have done wrong. Even though I knew it wasn’t about me, I still blamed myself. I was however blessed to have been surrounded by people of faith. Everyone around me seemed to know how to pray except me. Even the ICU nurses joined hands and prayed for us.

After he was stabilized, he still had to be connected to all sorts of tubes. He had breathing tubes and feeding tubes. There were wires connected to almost every inch of his body. He was a week old before I could even hold him. Even with all the gadgets, he kept smiling at me. My husband became my hero at this point! He was always singing, praying and declaring Gods word. He did all the diaper changes, temperature checks and wheeled me around the hospital. All I had strength for was tears and to say “amen” to prayers.” He kept telling me God was going to perfect everything. I am not sure if I believed him but his faith slowly helped mine to grow.

One after the other, the tubes started to come off. It remained one last tube which was the feeding tube. “My baby just did not want to eat!” It had been 2 weeks and he did not know how to suckle. According to them, he had developed a ‘feeding aversion’ and it would take a long time for him to learn how to feed. Every time they would come up with a diagnosis, we would just smile and reject the report. It was weird to be saying “God forbid” because I used to be one of those doctors who used to think patients who did that were in denial!  After 3weeks in the ICU, I told the doctosthat we wanted to take our baby home. We had faith that he would eat once he got home.

He was discharged 17days after delivery on the 29th of August 2016 with a feeding tube. We prayed for him when we got home and while we were thinking of the next thing to do, our baby Folahanmi yanked out the feeding tube. My medical instinct screamed for me to replace the tube immediately but my husband said he believed he was not going to need it. HE WAS RIGHT! Folahanmi started to feed more than he ever had.

After his discharge home, we had appointments with his home a home care nurse, a team of therapists, a speech therapist, a neurologist and his pediatrician. They all wondered why they ever thought anything was wrong with our baby. He was perfect and didn’t need any medical care.

Every time I look at Folahanmi, I smile and thank God for this perfect gift. Sometimes, I put on the light just to look at his face. He is simply perfect.

Today, Folahanmi is 6months and doing everything he is supposed to do. He eats, sleeps, poops, plays, giggles, sits, crawls. He is such a beautiful chubby baby and I’m forever thankful to God for sparing our lives.