My name is simisola and I got married in 2013 at 32years. Getting married so late I wanted to start having kids immediately but I had early been diagnosed wit Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) because my period was not regular so I knew I would need intervention to get pregnant.

So by the end of 2013 I started going to gynecologist. I did 6 rounds/cycles of Clomid and FSH (hormone to boost follicle) and no fertilization at every cycle, in march 2014 I met another doctor who placed me on 3,000mg of metformin per day to regularize my period. I took this till the end of 2014. In July 2015 I was on vacation in Houston and I decided to see a fertility specialist who sent me got HSG test to see the viability of my tubes and one of my tubes was blocked and he concluded that getting pregnant naturally would be difficult but since we decide IVF was not for us he placed me on FEMARA for 4months and still nothing happened.

At the beginning of 2015 hubby told me to rely solely on God and stop going to doctor, I stopped and we both knew that only God could help us since Gods intention is for everyone to be fruitful. PS 127 vs 3-5 “Children are the heritage of the Lord the fruit of the womb its his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man so are children of the youth. Happy is the man who has is quiver full of them they shall not be ashamed but they shall speak with the enemy at the gate.

In September 2015, I went to the Redemption camp because the September service is basically for fruitfulness for people waiting on the lord for the fruit of the womb. The following 7 prayer points were raised which I prayed fervently:

1) Praise him

2) Father, please clear all obstruction to my fruitfulness

3) Father ever plant you did not plant in my system please uproot tonight

4) Father, please repair whatever needs to be repaired in my system tonight

5) Father whatever cannot be repaired please replace it tonight

6) Father, please let al my good seeds be very fruitful

7) Father, let me hear good news this month and the rest of my life

That Holy Ghost Service was on the 5th of September and saw my period on the 9th without medication. I thanked God for that but the following months there was no period. In January 2016, i was grilling fish and I bent down to open the oven but could not get up I was feeling dizzy, so I went to a lab to run a test which was positive. I went to another hospital and it was positive. I then went to do a scan at another hospital that confirmed that I was 16weeks pregnant. So I went through the first trimester without any Morning Sickness. When God shows up for you it is in a mighty way.

At 29 weeks the enemy wanted to strike but the Almighty God proved himself able. I had gone for routine antenatal and I had a scan that said I was 1.5cm dilated. The doctors were shocked and I was given medications to insert and also steroids for the baby’s lungs. I had the baby at full term of 40weeks and 3 days. Ps62 vs 11 says “for this child I prayed and the lord has given me my petition which I asked of him”. And so my mouth is filled with laughter and our tongue with singing then said they among the heathen, the lord has done great things for me Ps 126 vs 2

This testimony is to the glory of God. When doctors could not help, the Lord my creator showed up for me in his infinite mercies. I want to encourage someone today that the Lord that did it for me is still on the throne and his ears are not heavy to hear us. Call on him, trust him and he will show himself might in your situation and life. James1 vs 17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father of lights with whom there can be no variation neither shadow of turning. God is always faithful to his word.

God Bless you all.