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The reason why we get stuck sometimes is because we are too focused on other people and what they have.
A major reason why God called me to create this site is for us to come together to speak, to
Today, I just want to remind myself and whoever is reading this that we have so much to be thankful
When I got Busayo’s email, I was pleasantly surprised because of the topic she wanted to share on. I marvelled at
Its funny when you think you are healing regarding certain issues but you hear your self uttering words that are
Nicole’s Testimony: A Journey to Restoration
Nicole is a very good friend of mine. We have been friends since secondary school which is a significant period
Kemisola's Testimony 2
2015 – My Year of Testimony I got myself back to work, I was so blessed to have such an
The journey to the testimony
I knew I had to share this story. God has been too good to me and for me, my life
My Lighthouse Testimony Faith through loss
Something I am learming is that things won’t always go our way. We will be tested but at the end
My Lighthouse Testimony my miracle
I am so excited to be sharing this particular testimony because I was able to be a witness to this
I was watching Dora the explorer with Joshua the other day and I probably was more interested in the story
I love God!!! I am obsessed with God’s word. I can’t tell you when this happened to me but YOOOO!!