2 years ago, I had a strong urge to share the stories of other christians and how they have overcome various challenges in their lives. I felt like many people feel alone in one way or the other. I needed to show that you are not alone. This birth ‘My Jesus Experience’ which is a series of conversations I had with people whose stories I want to share. This is the trailer below

The very first episode is with Dami Emmanuel. He is a friend of mine who I have been blessed to know. In 2015, Dami got married, in 2016, Dami lost his wife and their unborn child. Today, Dami is married with a beautiful baby boy.

Dami’s story is amazing. It shows how God can restore us completely despite the pain we experience. I pray that as you watch this episode, that you are hungry to build an authentic personal relationship with the Holy Spirit and if you were losing your faith, I hope this nudges you to stay in faith and seek God afresh. And if you have never known Jesus Christ before, I pray this gets you interested.

As you watch,share your thoughts and comments, please share with those who you know will need this LIGHT and encouragement and please subscribe so you know when new episodes are out. Full Episode is below: