Hello!!!!! How are you? (In Adele’s voice. :))  I received the emails I am sharing today from Kelechi. I remember seeing her first email and my heart breaking for her because of the pain they were going through as a family but I also remember being super in awe of her Faith and Trust in God. Seeing her second email had me shouting and jumping, I was so in awe! I am so humbled by God’s power. Only he can do what no doctor can do. I loveeeeee sharing these testimonies. Please keep them coming. Someone needs the light of your good news. Let us spread God’s light in this dark world.

Also regarding Kelechi’s questions and comments about having a personal intimate relationship with God, I feel like I should say this: Never envy anyone’s relationship with God because most times you only see from the surface and its deeply personal. I have my own struggles and challenges but what is most important to me is to keep on moving. I don’t condemn myself because I realise that guilt is a weapon the enemy uses to draw us farther from God. So I try not to stay caught in self condemnation. Also, if you have a best friend, you probably want to talk to them everyday, the person could be your spouse, a sibling or a friend. We have to see God as the ULTIMATE best friend. The one that we can’t go a day without talking to. And it doesn’t always have to take a rigid formula. There are days when all we say to our best friend is: ‘hello how are you” and days when we speak for hours on end. Don’t make it too rigid because you start feeling guilty when you skip a day of bible study. He’s your best friend, he already gets you, so enjoy that RELATIONSHIP.

Kelechi’s First Email

Hello Tito,

Sorry about the loss of your daughter. While I can relate to your loss, I cannot pretend to know what you’re going through.

My mother was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma(a type of cancer of the blood) yesterday. The prognosis says that she has five years to live. I’ve served God whole heartedly for the last 3years of my life. I have sowed in time, money, my little wisdom and energy into His kingdom. I’ve spent hours on my knees praying for long life for my mother. Imagine the betrayal I felt when I got the news. Like you, I felt ashamed that this was happening to me. I felt ashamed that I had lost the battle with my faith. I’ve hardly recovered from losing my dad three years ago and now this?

First thing I did after hearing the news was to thank God. I just said ‘ Thank you because you are God and there’s nothing too hard for you and if you could walk on water and not sink, ask the sun to stand still and it stood still, this is too little for you’. After my short prayer came the bitterness. I was so bitter yesterday.  I couldn’t do any work on my dissertation. I shut down my laptop and started thinking of all the ‘pagans’ God was ‘ too busy’ blessing with long life while neglecting and cutting short the lives of those that served and loved him in truth and spirit. While I remembered writings in the good Book about praising God in all things, I didn’t feel like it anymore. To me, there was absolutely no reason to praise Him. None! Never would be! I was done with having faith like a ‘mustard seed’, the one that could ‘move mountains’. It was a waste of time. Unbelievers didn’t have it yet they lived to 90yrs. I was so bitter, I couldn’t even shed a tear. This was the devil slowly creeping in.

Even in my anger, I took out time to read about the disease. After reading through lots and lots of depressing stuff, I stumbled upon Kemi Filani’s post on her blog about the story of your loss. After reading, I laid in bed and cried. I couldn’t believe I had given the devil that much room. I couldn’t pray, couldn’t bring myself to reading the Bible. I just sat in a chair, and had Agnus Dei by Michael w. Smith on replay for Lord knows how long. After a lot of tears, I managed to talk to my creator again. I found my peace returning. Hope has joined in. I believe this is my own test before my testimony. The devil won’t have the last laugh. I have come to terms with the situation and my hope has been renewed. God’s grace is sufficient and he’ll sort my mum out. Until the doors of blessings open, I’ll praise him in the hallway.

Thank you for sharing. May God replenish all you’ve lost. He is able.

Best wishes,


Kelechi’s Second Email


I’ve been meaning to write you forever!!!!!!!!!

First, congratulations on the birth of your son!! I read the news with so much joy. God is faithful. He is not a man that he should lie. May this gift maketh rich in all areas and add no sorrow.

Now I don’t know if you remember, but I wrote you last year after you shared your story on God’s faithfulness after the loss of your child. I wrote about my mother who was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma(a type of cancer of the blood) and given a not too favourable prognosis.

A year ago, she travelled to the UK to resume chemo treatment. My sister and I picked her up from the airport. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my used to be agile mother staggering towards us, looking like a shadow of herself. I hugged her in tears, sad tears.

Now here’s the good news, the cancer is gone. Disappeared. Without a trace. She didn’t have to undergo chemo, no drugs, no treatment…we still can’t explain it. Some people claim the diagnoses in Nigeria was probably wrong because Nigerian doctors are blah blah blah and it wasn’t necessarily a miracle. But you see Tito, they can’t convince me otherwise, I saw first hand the symptoms manifest, I know how many nights my mother struggled to sleep. I know how many nights I thought were going to be the last. I remember the look on the doctor’s face the first time her initial test results came out and how he was struggling to stay positive. I know how the healing started, when the lumps that were as big as golf balls started to shrink, when the pain disappeared, when the night sweat dried up, when the itching stopped, the confusion on the doc’s face when he got the second set of tests results after we insisted on them and when she started to look ten years younger. Girl, miracles are REAL!!!

This year, she has gone for several tests in the UK, sort second and third opinions but still same answer…’we can’t see anything’.

After I read your new piece, I re-evaluated my relationship with God. See, I am born again, I practice most of the biblical principles and all but I know thats not enough. I only come to him when I need something. I want that intimacy. I am so envious of your relationship with the father. I start Bible study plans on my Bible app, I stay faithful for three days and by the fourth, am off the wagon. I want that intimacy Tito, I want it bad. How does it work? Teach me if it’s teachable. I want to be able to seek him on every minute detail of my life. How do you do it?

Again,congrats on the baby Mama J, regards to the hubstar.

Best wishes,