I am so excited to have finally published my book ‘Royalty’ and the reviews have left me in awe. This book is so personal to me. I share my biggest fears, doubts, insecurities, shame, guilt and everything I thought I should keep hidden. However because God wants to use every part of our lives, I have poured it all out in this book.

The story of an insecure girl just trying to find her place in this world before realising just how loved and cherished she is by God despite her deepest pains and regrets.

Nigeria’s premiere Life Coach¬† Lanre Olusola sums it up perfectly with these words;

“It is the diary of a daughter who yearns for a real, pure, enriching, loving, and powerful relationship with her FATHER in spite of her self-blame, fears, limiting beliefs, past mistakes, and decisions in life.”

I have also been humbled by reviews I have received from friends and complete strangers and I see daily that this book is to HEAL others who like me have struggled with various pain, shame, guilt, depression, abuse and insecurities.

For all details on how to get your copy check out the website: www.mylighthouse.com.ng. You can also still buy copies on www.okadabooks.com

Copies are also being shipped for UK readers, please check out my social media pages @titoidakula for details. Send an email to mylighthousetv@gmail.com to get more details.

Thank you so much for your constant words and prayers of encouragement. God bless you.