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Titi’s Testimony: My Sister’s Miracle Baby

My sister got married in 2012. She was in her 30s when she got married so she wanted to have a baby immediately. My sister is naturally very nurturing so having her own child had been a big desire of her heart and when she finally found a partner who shared this same desire, it was a no brainer. By the end of 2013, there was no baby but that was okay because they were actually enjoying their honeymoon season as a married couple.

2014 came and still no pregnancy so they started to get concerned because they were definitely trying. At this point they decided it was time to speak to professionals in order to find out if there was a reason for the delay. The doctors did tests and came back with a series of reasons why they hadn’t been able to get pregnant. In addition to other reasons, my sister had some fibroids that were creating a hindrance to her ability to get pregnant and she was told she had to have them removed. She did this in 2015 and figured that after the operation having a baby won’t be an issue but it wasn’t the case.

The doctors did more tests and they gave more reasons why they couldn’t get pregnant and the conclusion was that they needed medical intervention to get pregnant and it won’t be possible without IVF. This was difficult news but also good news as many people we know had successfully had children through IVF and so it was a welcome solution even if not the ideal solution. It was also super expensive and they started to save towards it with help from other people. In 2017, they were finally ready to try IVF and so they did try at the end of the year. On Christmas eve of 2017, they found out that the IVF was not successful and that is how they celebrated the holiday season with heart ache and disappointment.

My sister decided she was done trying and was just going to leave the matter to God. She also decided to look into adoption because all that really mattered to her and her husband was to be parents and to love a child whether naturally or through adoption. So in January 2018, my sister started looking into adoption and she was genuinely excited about the prospects. So 2018 began with the decision to adopt and we started talking to other friends who had successfully adopted.

Then in March 2018, my sister called me with incredible news. SHE WAS 10 WEEKS PREGNANT. Oh my heart was so happy. The whole time she was looking into adoption, she was actually pregnant, without any kind of medical intervention. Contrary to every medical report, my darling sister was PREGNANT and that was an incredible testimony. We were so happy and looking forward to our yummy baby in October.

However, the devil being a liar and a thief that he is tried to steal our joy. My sister called me in April and said she had gone for what was meant to be a 3 months scan but when they checked, they could not find the baby and the sac looked empty. They said there was no baby and she had to have an operation to remove the pregnancy. This is called a D&C (Dilation & Cutterage) or an evacuation. My sister did more scans 2 weeks after and the result was the same, there was no baby in the sac and she needed to have the pregnancy removed as soon as possible. In fact my sister started to ask me about my experience with the same procedure and what she should expect. The whole situation was so painful. After 6 years of believing and trusting and faithing, the story was going to end with this disappointment and it was upsetting.

I remember my sister coming to visit me on a Friday, she was meant to go for the procedure that same day but she decided to stop by and pray. As we spoke, I told her I still believed she could have her baby and that she didn’t have to do the procedure. I was about 6 months pregnant with my second baby and even used that pregnancy as a point of contact for my sister. This must have been the Holy Spirit speaking through me because despite my faith, the situation really looked hopeless. We also called my brother (remind me to tell you about him one day) and he also said the same thing. He believed the baby was there and told her not to have the procedure. Despite having somewhat radical faith, I sometimes have a sense of rationality but this one was on the complete radical spectrum. I refused to believe that this was the end of the story and I told my sister as much. We all prayed and my sister decided she’ll wait until Monday before the procedure. We chatted on Sunday and she told me how she had woken up that morning filled with complete peace and she spent the whole day just praising and dancing. She refused to allow herself to wallow in sorrow and she actively found her joy.

A friend of hers called her that same day and suggested she tried yet another lab for a scan. My sister decided she had nothing to lose and went in for a scan on Monday for one last time before the procedure. She laid down and expected the same bad news about an empty sac so she was completely stunned when the radiologist started talking about the foetus and how many weeks old the baby was and all kinds of information she had not expected. My sister could barely speak as she called me while still in the lab looking at the screen. The radiologist was confused by her reaction and then she told him about the previous report. He was also surprised because he could see a baby in the womb, how could they have seen an empty sac before, not once but multiple times. How could they have told her to go and get the pregnancy removed with an evacuation when right there was a growing baby.

I know God is always turning situations around but the entire story of my sister’s daughter is the greatest testimony of 2018 for me. In October 2018, we welcomed our precious baby girl aptly named Precious. She is the most beautiful baby girl and she is such a blessing. Every time I look at her I am in complete awe of God’s Grace and I always say: “But they said the sac was empty, this is a real life baby”.

Imagine if my sister had believed the very first report and not delayed and tried other scans. Our daughter won’t be here, and we would have not been able to share this testimony. What if my sister had allowed the negative report to steal her joy and trust in God? What if she became bitter and just chose to live by sight and not by faith. I truly believe the state of our mind can also cloud our ability to see where God is working. She chose joy and in the midst of that she could choose to try one last scan instead of going to get the d&c in anger! Sometimes anger is the hindrance to our testimony. I am always learning that it is so key to stay joyful no matter what we see.

I truly pray that no matter what you are going through, that you won’t lose your trust and faith in an amazing God who loves you as a father would. I pray you will choose to turn to him despite what life throws at you. I pray you will stay strong in the midst of the storm because Jesus Christ is in your boat and he can silent every storm. I pray my sister’s story is a blessing to you and the boost your faith needs. Please share your story with us and be a light to someone else. Leave your comments and thoughts and questions.


Light and love



Simbo’s Testimony: Faith and Healing

Simbo’s Testimony: Faith and Healing

I am pretty excited about this testimony for a number of reasons. Firstly it was written by an amazing friend’s, Sister so I somehow feel like I have to famz more. lol. Second reason I am excited about sharing this post is because it kind of perfectly aligns with the theme the last few posts have taken which is FAITH! It is even more amazing because she speaks A LOT about sewing a seed and if you read my last post about Abel, you will understand how AWESOME the timing is. Simbo actually sent me this testimony in November 2015 but there just never seemed to be a right time to post it but now I realise we were waiting for THIS TIME!

I learnt so much about Faith from this testimony and I hope you do too. Please also be very aware that you have to have your OWN Faith and not just rely on what your Pastor says. Every time she sowed a seed, it was inspired by the Holy Spirit (you know that is my FAVOURITE person) so please develop that relationship with the Holy Spirit so that it is his leading you follow ALWAYS instead of overly depending on other people. I truly pray that you are inspired by this post and that your faith is STRENGTHENED. Although she shared this testimony years ago, it is still so relevant. Thank you so so so much Simbo for sharing this with us, God bless you. I know you have had many more testimonies since you turned 40 and I am waiting for you to share. Thank you!

Also, if you have a testimony, please share it because you NEVER know who will find healing through your experiences.

Dear Bolatito, My sister, recommended your website to me- she actually told me to read Dolapo’s testimony on forgiveness. I am inspired to share my testimony on healing to bless the life of someone out there.

This was written in July 2007 for my thanksgiving in church:

I am giving thanks to God today for 2 things- Firstly, my 40th birthday was on June 10, 2007, exactly 3 weeks ago today. I don’t look it and I don’t feel 40. Indeed, my youth is renewed as the eagle’s. Secondly, I was hospitalised for 6 weeks between April and June this year and my recovery was miraculous.

About 10 years ago, I discovered that I had some pelvic irritation and a small mass in my lower abdomen on the right side. Of course, I spoke to it and prayed about it as I’d been taught; eventually, I ignored it and learnt to live with it.

4 years later, I was seen by one of my colleagues who sent me for a pelvic scan. This showed that I had multiple uterine fibroids and I was advised to have them removed surgically.At this time, it was not symptomatic and so I totally ignored it. About 2 years ago, I realised that my uterus had grown bigger (about the size of a 6 month old pregnancy) and was now giving me pressure symptoms.

My periods were not affected so I decided to ignore it and use my faith to get rid of it. Somehow, this didn’t work and I worked on growing my faith. I got results for other issues concerning me but I seemed to struggle with this particular one.

Eventually, I decided to have the surgery done early last year (2006). I went to the National Hospital, Abuja and attended the Gyne Clinic where several tests were done to prepare me for the surgery. I was told to come back and fix a date for the surgery.

Soon after this, fear crept in- I had thoughts coming to me of me not coming out of anaesthesia. Also, I felt that I would not live to see my 40th birthday in 2007; in fact, I thought I was not going to live to enter 2007! So I decided that if the devil wanted to get rid of me through the surgery, then I may as well not do the surgery. After all, I was not bleeding abnormally during my periods and I didn’t have any immediate plans of getting married, so there was no hurry.

Around November 2006, I was listening to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ministering and he talked about a woman who was crying about the fibroids getting bigger and how she needed surgery. He then said, ‘why are you crying, are you afraid of the knife or the anaesthesia? After all, you said you believe there is heaven, so you’ll just go to heaven’. Suddenly he said, “How many times did Jesus Christ say ‘Fear not’!”

This came as rhema to me and immediately I rebuked the fear and told myself that I would not die but live to glorify God.

In December, I told my family that I was going to go ahead with the surgery. I was in Lagos for the All-night service of December 31, 2006 and the anointing of God’s spirit came upon me so strong like I’d never felt it before. I learnt later that people around me kept turning to look at me but I was in another realm.

God spoke to me and told me that my 40th year would be the best that I’ve ever experienced and that would be the least I would ever be. I wrote down all He told me and then Pastor Chris began to prophesy. I knew then that everything would turn out OK.

The first Sunday service of the year, while my Pastor was preaching, he said that we should know that Pastor was passing across an important message when he kept saying, ‘the Word is in my heart, its in my mouth’. Before he finished, the Holy Spirit told me to sow a seed in the life of my Pastor and He also told me the amount and in what currency. I did as I was instructed and went to the hospital in February and fixed the date for the surgery.

I planned to move to a new flat in the first quarter of this year but getting the kind of place I desired suddenly seemed impossible. Even when I increased my budget, I still couldn’t get a good place. People who are familiar with Abuja will understand what I went through.

The devil started again, to try to put me in the bondage of fear. He told me not to bother looking for a house- why should I spend so much money on a place that I would not live in. I rejected this and decided to start packing my stuff so that even if it was while I was in hospital that I could get a place, it would be easy for my friends to move my things.

While I was doing this, again he said that I should pack them neatly so that they would be able to send my things to my family in Lagos. He said I should put all my financial documents together so that it would be easy for my next of kin to sort them out. Again, I rejected these thoughts and kept telling myself that I had the power to lay my life down (sleeping under anaesthesia) and the power to take it up again (coming out of it).

I was admitted on Sunday April 15, 2007 and during the first service that morning, my Pastor had told us that a Christian should not die accidentally.

The surgery was done the next day and it took about five and half hours- this was a very long time for me to be under anaesthesia. Before I went in, I told all those around me that I would see them in a little while- this was an act of faith.

I was on admission at the National Hospital, Abuja for 10 days and eventually had to insist on being discharged on Wednesday April 25, 2007 as there was a lot of negligence in my management. Later, I realised that this was by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

My mum came over the next day to help me recuperate but while at home, I realised that my recovery was very slow. In a telephone conversation with my boss on Friday, he insisted that I seek a second opinion as he did not like the way my voice sounded. I assured him that I would do so the following Monday.

While I was praying on Saturday evening, the Holy Spirit stopped me and told me to sow a seed of thanksgiving. I knew that I couldn’t go to church the next day but I obeyed Him. So I told my mum to give me one of the tithe envelopes I had at home and to give me my bag. I brought out my cheque-book and wrote the exact amount that He told me to give. I prayed over it and commanded it to go forth and work for me. Then I remembered that there was a sister staying with me for the weekend who could drop my seed on the altar.

On Sunday morning, as she was about to leave, I gave the envelope to her and instructed her to place it on the altar and not in the offering bag. It was later that I would know the significance of this simple act of obedience.

On Sunday evening, I called one of my senior colleagues who is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and works in a Specialist Hospital in Abuja. I told him that I would like to seek a second opinion and wanted him to arrange for me to see the Consultant Gynaecologist. He said that unfortunately, the Chief Consultant Gynaecologist, Dr Fashina was on his way to the United States that very evening but that there was another Consultant who could see me.

On the way to the hospital on Monday April 30, 2006, I sent a text message to him to let him know that I was on my way. He tried to call me back but the network was quite bad. Apparently, the other doctor who was to see me was on his way to Benin that morning.

As I got to the hospital, lo and behold, Dr Fashina was around. He said that he just decided to postpone his trip until a later date. This was my seed at work.

Just by looking at me he came up with a tentative diagnosis- imminent anaemic heart failure with abdominal distension most likely due to internal bleeding. Immediately, he told me to drink a lot of water so he could do an ultrasound scan. The scan confirmed that I had about 2 litres of blood and pus in my abdomen. The only management was for me to have an emergency surgery.

He called my mum aside and explained everything to her but assured her that I would be OK. Later I learnt that my case was so bad, it took faith in God on his part to believe that I would come out of the second surgery alive. I was severely pale and my heart was beginning to fail. This was compounded by the fact that I had gross Septicaemia which could affect any and every organ in my body.

While I was being prepared for surgery, Dr Fashina walked in with another Consultant Gynaecologist who heads the department at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria. He was just passing through and as was his custom, called on Dr Fashina who told him that I was on admission and needed emergency surgery. Before seeing me, he agreed to assist Dr Fashina with the surgery. They kept saying, ‘with God on our side’. This was my seed at work again!

The surgery took 2 hours and I survived it. I was placed on the most potent intravenous antibiotics in high and at some point, double doses –Rocephin, then Fortum & Zinacef, then Fortum & Genticin and also Zithromax tablets.

I was on antibiotics throughout my 4-week admission at this hospital. This showed even me how bad the case was. I was a wonder to the doctors, the nurses, the laboratory scientists, and even the hospital attendants. They had not come across a patient like me in a very critical condition and who was recovering miraculously. As we finished battling with one complication, another one would arise.

Sometimes, the devil would tell me to give up but then I would speak out loud, ‘I will live and not die to declare the glory of God. The dead cannot praise You, only the living’.

One day, the Holy Spirit told me to take some watermelon to stop a side effect I had from one of the medication I was given. The wisdom of God is like foolishness to man.

What the injections that I was given to counter the side effect could not do, the watermelon did, the instant I took it! God is indeed wonderful!!

I thank God for the prayers and support of the saints of God, for indeed heaven was bombarded on my behalf. Prayer chains were set up and I was overwhelmed by the love shown to me.

Even though I’ve lost about 12kg, it was excess weight that I had tried so hard to lose over the past 3-4 years.

Dr Fashina told me that it was obvious that from within me, I was fighting to live. This was true because so many thoughts came to me but I had to choose which one to believe and also confess.

Thank God for my seeds, they worked for me. The faith confessions in the Healing School magazines helped me strengthen my faith and whenever I got depressed, I would take the magazine and read from cover to cover.

There is so much to say, but I can’t go into all the details now.

This is my year of supernatural accomplishments!

I have celebrated my 40th birthday and I know that indeed my life is in my hands. God has finished everything that concerns me.

I have come to know God more and understand His love for me. God’s word never fails, it works all the time. The word of creation is in my mouth and I’m creating the world that I want to live in.

Now I understand when Pastor says, ‘keep saying it, don’t stop talking it…’

The words in my heart that I spoke out brought me out of the grave and unto glory!

I resumed work on June 4, 2007 to the surprise of everyone and I’m getting stronger and better everyday.

I’m so glad that I belong to Jesus. Oh what a life, what a privilege, what an honour!!

May God richly bless you, in Jesus name.

Yours in Christ,