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No Ordinary Love

I have a friend who was never keen on having children, she was not the mummy type and I never heard her express any interest in having a child. One day she found out she was pregnant and decided to keep the child because she didn’t have a reason not to. She was at the right age with a thriving career and she thought: “I might not get another opportunity like this and I don’t want to regret it in future”. So she decided to have the baby. She had the most gorgeous baby and I saw her change completely. She immediately became this loving, protective mother and to be honest a major Momzilla which was a shock to me considering her history. One day God was talking to me and he reminded me of this lady and her baby and he said something that flawed me.


He said “look at how much this lady loves a baby she didn’t even know she wanted”. I want you, I planned for you, I planned everything about you. As he mentioned in Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” “So can you imagine how much I love you? If a woman who didn’t plan to have a child can love her child so much, how much more do you think I love you? That made me so overwhelmed because I realised how cherished and loved I am by my father.


God said to me: “Can a woman forget her nursing child And have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, but I will not forget you. “Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands” (Isaiah 49:15) And then He also reminded me that: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”(Jeremiah 1:5).

Do know you know amazing it is to be inscribed on the palms of God’s hands? Take a look at your hands, you see those lines, they are a part of you, you can’t ignore them. That is how we are with God.


I see this woman organize her entire life, finances and time around this child making sure her child has EVERYTHING she needs. And it made me remember what Christ said; that if we who are with sin can love our children and give good gifts to them, how much more can our father in heaven with unlimited resources and unlimited love care for us his children who ask him? (Matthew 7:11 NLT).


The love God has for us is no ordinary love (cue in; Sade’s ‘No Ordinary love), it is a love that transcends time and our imagination. God loves us with an everlasting love. (Jeremiah 31:3). Even if your parents have hurt you or disappointed you, God would never leave you. He is the epitome of love. For he so loved the world that he sent his only son to die for us (John 3:16). If God did not spare his own son for our sake, how much more would he give us everything that we ask for? (Romans 8:32). And beyond that he gave us a new inheritance in Christ Jesus that gives us the ability to do the same incredible things Jesus Christ did. The bible is a true account of the power of God and Christ said that greater things than he would we do. The issue is that we seem to forget who we are and who our Father is. We limit God’s love for us and that is why Paul in Ephesians 3:18-19 said:


“And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. 19 May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.”


My friend would not hesitate to hurt someone if she thinks they are trying to hurt her child. She is incredibly protective and would do ANYTHING for her child. God then told me that: “how far do you think I will go to protect you from harm? If this lady can be so protective, I will not hesitate to use all the resources of heaven to protect you. I was so focused on protecting Moses that I kept him in the home of those who could have hurt him for 40 years, Daniel was in the Lion’s den and came out unscathed. I have given angels charge over you in case you dash your foot against a stone. These are all the things I have given you as a father but the problem is that you don’t believe it and you let the Liar steal from you all that I have legitimately given you as my heir. I can only do as much as you let me and trust me to do.”


As I read Matthew 7:11 again I noticed that Christ said the Father in heaven can give us from his unlimited resources only if we ask. In this case, asking is not “begging”. It is simply asking. Joshua only needs to say “Food” and I am already giving him food. And this is me o. So imagine the GOD OF ALL CREATION being your father? Our part is to trust him as innocently as my friend’s daughter trusts her mum.


The way my friend’s baby looks at her is amazing. There is this complete trust and knowledge that even if everyone else in the room was unreliable, she knows her mummy is different. When she is crying, she immediately looks to her mummy for comfort and her mum immediately picks her up. Even as a baby she already has that trust and knowledge in her mother and that is what we need as well. Knowing who is the one who cares about us the most. The one who has our best interest at heart. The one that would do ANYTHING for us if we just ask. He is also the one who created us in his image and we are his heirs so it means everything he created belongs to us. I REPEAT: If GOD did not spare his only son for us, WHAT ELSE won’t he give to us?


Our part is to trust and KNOW that our Father is willing and able to do above and beyond what we can ever hope for or imagine.


Positive Vibes Only

Positive Vibes Only

It has been too long since I put up a post. I decided to change the site a bit and that took longer than expected. I started working on other “projects” during the process and I just occasionally shared on Instagram. One of the strongest ways God has been speaking to me is through my son; Joshua and I got the concept of “Lessons from Joshua”. I will share the things God teaches me about my relationship with him and my life as a Christian as I watch my son grow and I hope someone finds light and hope through my words.

Every time I look at Joshua, I am in awe. There are things he does that just floor me. He is so incredibly smart and I just KNOW FOR A FACT that this is not something I could have taught him. This is not something that I did but all God. And one day I was looking through an old journal and I saw some of the declarations I had written about him. I had written that he would have the wisdom of God from the womb. I also wrote that he would be a joyful, happy baby with a beautiful smile amongst other things. I used to declare these things every day over and over and over again and now to see them actually in my son’s life is just amazing. As I  have continued to make these declarations, his nanny has taken it on. The other day, I heard her telling him; “you are so wise, you are going to be president” and all kinds of awesome stuff. I can’t even say anything that isn’t positive because his father won’t have it. I once called him weird because he was doing something weird and his father corrected me. So we are only allowed to declare positively over our child. And now we also do that over every area of our lives because we are beginning to really know the power of our words.

The bible says “You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you; And light will shine on your ways (Job 22:28) Do you know why? Because Jesus Christ is in us (Romans 8:10-20). God is in us, so we have to understand that our words carry power. They are no longer idle words. Every word you speak has life!

The word of God is powerful and sharper than any two edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). Can you just imagine how powerful that is? I had a revelation once that the word of God is more than scripture. The bible promises are incredible and definitely carry power as we confess them. But The word of God is Jesus Christ. The word was with God and the word became man. Every time God spoke the word, he was speaking Christ and it is through Christ that the world was created.

“1 In the beginning [before all time] was the Word ([a]Christ), and the Word was with God, and [b]the Word was God Himself. He was [continually existing] in the beginning [co-eternally] with God. All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him not even one thing was made that has come into being. In Him was life [and the power to bestow life], and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines on in the [c]darkness, and the darkness did not understand it or overpower it or appropriate it or absorb it [and is unreceptive to it].”

And now the point is that Jesus Christ is in us as well (Romans 8:10-20). That same word is dwelling in us. That word that is alive is in us and accomplishing great things through us. So when we speak we don’t speak as mere humans, we speak with the understanding that the word of God is in us, making sure that our declarations come to pass. When you have that understanding, you are more careful of the negative words you say over the situations in your life. You are careful about what you say to your kids, what you say about your job, what you say about your marriage, what you say about others because they become more than just words.

What have you killed with your words? What do you need to give life to with your words? What do you need to resuscitate with your words? Start to speak the word to it NOW

For the longest time I used to say that only bad things happen to me. I had this mentality that the odds were always against me and I would repeat it over and over again. This actually became my reality. It seemed like everything that was not normally supposed to happen seemed to be happening to me. As God continues to teach me, he is showing me that I have the power to decree a thing and it would be established. He has also shown me that I should never speak an idle word. Of course sometimes you just want to express what you see and you don’t think about what you are saying and that happens to me too. But now I tell myself I have the mind of Christ so even my utterances are being controlled by the Spirit of God that is within me. I am no longer subject to my human limitations. My words carry power and it is up to me to use it.

The bible says that the power of life and death is in the tongue. What have you killed with your words? What do you need to give life to with your words? What do you need to resuscitate with your words? Start to speak the word to it NOW and continue to, even when it looks like nothing is changing. Speak positivity to your life, your job, your marriage,your children, the works of your hands, your relationships.



Happy Birthday to Me!!!

IT IS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! I am soooo Happy!!! This birthday feels so different. I have such peace in my spirit. I just know I am entering a new season and even though I don’t know the when or why or how, I KNOW THE GOD I HAVE. I am grateful to God for being too good to me. I was just thinking about my life and I wrote a little letter to God. I am sharing it with you too. I am just in awe of how far God has brought me. I pray you enjoy God’s peace. I pray you know how much he loves you. I pray you will know him on a new level. I pray you will always find your joy in him. I pray he comforts you no matter what you are going through. I pray you know how much he loved you that he sent his only son to die for you. I pray you accept the love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Do something kind today. Celebrate my birthday with me by being SUPER KIND TO SOMEONE TODAY!!! And thank you for even reading my posts, for emailing with your kind words. You have NO IDEA how God uses you to bless me and show me a little bit of who I am. THANK YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

Hello Dad,

It’s me. Your daughter. It’s my birthday today!!! YAYYYY!!! Of course you knew that, because you know EVERYTHING about me. You chose the day I came into this world, you created me in the secret place of my mother’s womb. You watched over me and made sure I was perfectly formed and at the right time, on this day, thirty one years ago, you brought me out to this place, this temporary home, to fulfil the purpose I was created for.

Dad, yesterday I was a bit sad. I let the liar get in my head. He told me I wasn’t good enough. He told me my life was on hold. He told me I won’t amount to much. He told me to be afraid about my future. He told me I have reached my peak. He said so many lies dad and for a split second I started to believe him. But because you are my Dad, you were also watching and you started to speak to me.

You told me: I haven’t even started. You told me I am just about to begin. You told me I have been under construction. You told me that the purpose you have called me for is greater than I can imagine. You told me that I carry a light and through me you will shine your light. You told me that you have called me to restore others and to give them comfort. You told me I am entering a new season. And as you spoke my heart became so glad. I started to see you in everything.

I saw you in my amazing husband, through whom you spoke to me. The one that is so excited for the future you have promised me. The one that opened my eyes to how much you have given me. The one that shows me that you are biased about me. The one who reminded me of your promises, even when I had forgotten. I saw you in my life. I saw you in the fact that I have great health. I saw you in the fact that I have more than I need despite choosing to stay at home to raise a son. I saw you in my son. I look at him and I am in awe of how perfectly you blessed me with him. I couldn’t have imagined he’ll be this awesome even if I tried. I saw how you have supplied all that we need to take care of him. I saw how you have protected and shielded me on numerous occasions. I saw you in the family I have and the friends I have. I saw you in the seemingly perfect coincidences that are creating the path which you have called me to walk. I saw you Lord and I see you Lord.

Today I wish I could say thank you a billion, zillion times. It still won’tbe enough. I never would have considered myself a worthy vessel but somehow you chose me. Me??? I am in awe of your grace Dad. I am in awe of your faithfulness. I am in awe of your mercy. I am in awe of your loving kindness. I am in awe of your unending love. I am in awe of you. My heart is filled with gratitude. You love me with a patience that outstands me. I know for a fact it is completely undeserved but yet you love me. My heart worships you. My soul magnifies you. My spirit yields to you. I AM IN AWE OF YOU. I AM IN AWE OF YOU. You are so perfect Dad. This girl is grateful to you. I wish I could express my gratitude in other ways. What would be adequate? NOTHING. You humble me Lord. I love you.

Thank you for another year. Thank you for calling me. Thank you for loving me. I am excited for where you are taking me. Teach me patience Dad. Help me to trust the process and enjoy the journey, I love you Dad. Thank you.

Happy birthday to me!

My Lighthouse Testimony great gift

Tayo and Stephen’s Testimony: Our Great Gift

If you have ever physically seen a baby in NICU with tubes attached everywhere, you’ll understand why we always celebrate when a baby makes it through. I saw the picture of Tayo’s baby Folahanmi with tubes attached and my heart skipped a few beats. That such a helpless baby can be in such a situation is something we never want to experience and it is at these moments you know just how powerless you are and why God is EVERYTHING. Tayo, thank you so much for sharing this testimony with us and to encourage all others that in the face of adversity, God comes through ALWAYS.

These two have known each other since secondary school and it is such a pleasure to be sharing this testimony with you because they are friends from secondary school and God definitely gave them a great gift. Look how precious Folahanmi is!!!! I praise God for you. I praise God for sparing your life Tayo!

I had a very good pregnancy. I had no nausea, no vomiting, no unusual cravings, and no tiredness. I was happy and strong. This was such a blessing to me because I had some exams I was studying for.

I went for all my antenatal visits and there was no problem. Being a Medical Dr., I had no worries. It never for once crossed my mind that anything could go wrong. I felt I had witnessed enough deliveries and I was ready for mine.

On my EDD, I woke up and knew it was time. I was timing the contractions, breathing steadily, singing Nathaniel Bassey and feeling hyped.

Despite the fact that I had adequate contractions and was taking walks, 12hrs after I got to the hospital, my labour had barely progressed.

18hrs later, my labor stopped progressing completely at 7cm. I developed chorioamnionitis and started shivering uncontrollably. The fetal monitor started showing that the baby was in distress. My baby had to be brought out by an emergency cesarean section. HE DID NOT BREATHE AT ALL! He was immediately intubated and taken to the intensive care unit. Within the next few hours, he had a seizure; and then another seizure! While this was happening, I was still on the table losing so much blood and slipping in and out of consciousness. What I thought would be an easy delivery had become a nightmare.

While in recovery, I was told my baby had to be transferred to a more intensive care unit in another hospital. So many negative things started flooding my mind. I started thinking of all the medical jargon associated with what had happened to him. I couldn’t pray! I felt so angry and started thinking of what I could have done wrong. Even though I knew it wasn’t about me, I still blamed myself. I was however blessed to have been surrounded by people of faith. Everyone around me seemed to know how to pray except me. Even the ICU nurses joined hands and prayed for us.

After he was stabilized, he still had to be connected to all sorts of tubes. He had breathing tubes and feeding tubes. There were wires connected to almost every inch of his body. He was a week old before I could even hold him. Even with all the gadgets, he kept smiling at me. My husband became my hero at this point! He was always singing, praying and declaring Gods word. He did all the diaper changes, temperature checks and wheeled me around the hospital. All I had strength for was tears and to say “amen” to prayers.” He kept telling me God was going to perfect everything. I am not sure if I believed him but his faith slowly helped mine to grow.

One after the other, the tubes started to come off. It remained one last tube which was the feeding tube. “My baby just did not want to eat!” It had been 2 weeks and he did not know how to suckle. According to them, he had developed a ‘feeding aversion’ and it would take a long time for him to learn how to feed. Every time they would come up with a diagnosis, we would just smile and reject the report. It was weird to be saying “God forbid” because I used to be one of those doctors who used to think patients who did that were in denial!  After 3weeks in the ICU, I told the doctosthat we wanted to take our baby home. We had faith that he would eat once he got home.

He was discharged 17days after delivery on the 29th of August 2016 with a feeding tube. We prayed for him when we got home and while we were thinking of the next thing to do, our baby Folahanmi yanked out the feeding tube. My medical instinct screamed for me to replace the tube immediately but my husband said he believed he was not going to need it. HE WAS RIGHT! Folahanmi started to feed more than he ever had.

After his discharge home, we had appointments with his home a home care nurse, a team of therapists, a speech therapist, a neurologist and his pediatrician. They all wondered why they ever thought anything was wrong with our baby. He was perfect and didn’t need any medical care.

Every time I look at Folahanmi, I smile and thank God for this perfect gift. Sometimes, I put on the light just to look at his face. He is simply perfect.

Today, Folahanmi is 6months and doing everything he is supposed to do. He eats, sleeps, poops, plays, giggles, sits, crawls. He is such a beautiful chubby baby and I’m forever thankful to God for sparing our lives.

My Lighthouse Testimony my miracle

Aderinmola’s Testimony: My Miracle ■ My Testimony ■ My Faith changer

I am so excited to be sharing this particular testimony because I was able to be a witness to this testimony. If you follow me on instagram, you might recall me putting up a prayer request for a baby that had been born at 29 weeks and his mother had asked us to join in prayer. I remember seeing people join in prayer for a complete stranger and it was incredible. I realised that this platform is bigger than me, it is a community and we can build each other up and share the light of God with the world. So to be able to share this testimony is a real privilege because Aderinmola has a beautiful and healthy baby to celebrate today. God is sooooo good!!! 

I have come to encourage someone out there that truly, there’s a God in existence and Who manifests in the affairs of men. For emphasis sake, this is not a story of show off but a testimony to direct and redirect that one person to Christ – and to tell the world that nothing is impossible with God!

Sometime in October 2014, I realised I was pregnant (this is after so much desire, several trying and eagerness to conceive). I was filled with so much joy and excitement in anticipation of our bundle of joy and I started preparing, said preparation including but not limited to contacting and already booking an appointment with an ObGyn in a Hospital in the US (this ofcourse meant I had furnished funds for traveling et al). I eagerly started counting the days to the arrival of my baby and I would imagine how and whom ‘she’ would look like and how cute ‘she’ would look… just before I hit 30 weeks, the devil struck!

I merely went for my routine Dr’s visit in Nigeria sometime in May 2015 when upon checking my vitals, it was discovered that my blood pressure was high. I had initially thought that it was not a serious thing (being a JJC in pregnancy things) until I was admitted and within a week, I had to undergo an emergency c-section because I was eventually diagnosed of having severe pre-eclampsia and the surgery needed to be done to save my life… I cried all through this period. My daughter was eventually delivered and rushed to the NICU with birth weight of 1.05kg… a day after, she went to heaven [everything happened within a week!]. I was distraught, perplexed and felt (infact, the feeling was/is unexplainable). My breast started to produce milk which I longed for a baby to suck! Places where I had hitherto gone with my big belly, once people saw me, the next question is where/how is baby and I sadly told them, no baby. How I pulled through that period still remains a mystery to me but one song that resounded in my memory then and that I kept singing is ‘the Lord is my strength and my song, my song (2ce), He has become my salvation (2ce), the Lord is my strength and my song, my song‘. Indeed I drew strength from that song and somehow, I pulled through, but that is not to say that I still did not have moments of weakness and uncontrollable shedding of tears.

Anyway, life continued and fast forward to May 2016, exactly a year after, I was pregnant again! I remember vividly my husband’s reaction when I called him to inform him of my pregnancy; he was over the moon and kept on screaming not minding that he was at work (those who have kept on trying for babies may be able to relate with this feeling). We never stopped thanking God for giving us a shot at pregnancy again, I in particular, and I say this because, I literally became obsessed with being pregnant when pregnancy will not come quick. Anywhere I went to and I saw pregnant women, I would stare at them so bad that they will almost feel embarrassed if they had caught me staring. Let me spare you all the details… So we prayerfully continued in this new pregnancy, I was too particular about what I consumed, I was not stressed in anyway, I exercised minimally… I essentially crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s. I prayed, I rested and slept well!


And then again, at exactly 29 weeks and 4 days, the devil tried sneaking in again! He probably thought he would succeed this time but the Almighty God proved him wrong! I had barely finished praying and about to sleep at the early hours of November 1, 2016 when I suddenly started bleeding! We rushed to the hospital and after several tests, it was said that there’s a partial placental abruption! Another emergency c-section was done and at 4:35am, my son was birthed with the most adorable cry that brought uncontrollable tears down my eyes! He weighed 980grams, less than 1kg and was immediately rushed to the NICU.

I was dumbfounded and kept on thinking and asking myself, how I got to this point again as this particular pregnancy was so seamless and uneventful! But this is where I saw the King of kings and Lord of lords in action! He exceeded our imaginations and those of our son’s caregivers. Did we pray? O yes! we prayed our eyes and hearts out! The Lord raised people to also pray with us. My son spent 53 days in an incubator and even dropped from the weight of 980 grams to 920 grams; and it constantly broke my heart that I could not touch or hold my son but can only watch him through a glass. As much as it broke my heart, I kept my faith charged! I needed to be strong for my son cause it was already established that he is strong (yes, as tiny as he was, he exhibited this trait), and a fighter and I should not be the one dropping the ball! He fought through all the odds and he came out even stronger to the glory of God!

My son began growing and developing and amazed even the medical people taking care of him. I recall one of the nurses getting personal with me and asking where I fellowship and I told her, she told me, this boy is a miracle child. She began praying to his God to bless her for taking care of himIn my mind, I had thought a child of 1.05kg stood a chance, but God had to remind me that He shows up in the most unbelievable circumstances – my son who was birthed at 980grams, dropped to 920 grams is now over 3kg today and very strong I must say! (I’m not saying this to feel good but this is from the testimonies of people who have come in contact with him).

“I have seen God at work in my life and I believe He can be much more to you!

Of course there were some pessimists as Doctors while he was on admission, but they soon realised that there is something different about him and I remember one of them who never really believed he would make it, walked up to me to tell me – this boy is a miracle child! She had to acknowledge that there is something different about him. Indeed the abiding presence of the Lord never left him, His mighty hand was strong upon him, the host of heavens was on assignment on his behalf and he was delivered to us unscathed and in perfect health condition! O my! when he cries for you, you will sure know that there is a mighty one around! You delay his meal by just one second, then you’ll know some people don’t mess with their meals… his smile is too adorable and warming… I can go on and on about this extraordinary child of God…

“There is a God! He is alive and still does miracles!”

God did not just miraculously preserve my boy, He also raised help for us financially. Our hospital bill shot up so high in the range of millions and just as we wondered how this bill would be paid in this recession, God has so far miraculously provided over 85 percent of the required funds of which did not come from our purse! This is God I must say! Indeed, this young man is my Miracle, my Testimony and my Faith Changer because my faith level isn’t the same anymore! God moved me from a state of total hopelessness to being indeed hopeful and my faith has constantly grown!

Friends, this is a message to you that there is God! He is alive and still does miracles! Have you been wondering if God can still? Yes! He can and He will! Please keep trusting Him and keep your gaze fixed on Him. The devil in his usual manner will come and drop several ideas into your mind but please never let it get at you, attack it immediately with the word of God and continuously remind yourself of God’s promises. It worked for me and I believe it can work for you – I continuously declared (such that it became like a song for me), that my son lives and he is not dying! Indeed, he lives!

This is a message of hope to you out there, please be encouraged by this testimony and hold on to God’s word for your life – HE IS ABLE! (choi! those words are real). Per adventure you are still out there and not sure about this God we are talking about, please hear it from me – GOD IS REAL! He loves you and wants to be a part of your life. Please welcome Him into your life and you will be thankful you did. Believe in Him and accept Him into your life as your personal Lord and Saviour and then watch Him transform your life for the better!

And if you are still unsure about facing God squarely, you are still dilly dallying, you are still blowing neither hot nor cold, please retrace your steps and come boldly to the throne of mercy – He is ever ready to welcome you into His ever open arms. I have seen God at work in my life and I believe He can be much more to you!

God bless you!

Aderinmola Utake

“I have seen God at work in my life and I believe He can be much more to you!”

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