I am so excited to be sharing this particular testimony because I was able to be a witness to this testimony. If you follow me on instagram, you might recall me putting up a prayer request for a baby that had been born at 29 weeks and his mother had asked us to join in prayer. I remember seeing people join in prayer for a complete stranger and it was incredible. I realised that this platform is bigger than me, it is a community and we can build each other up and share the light of God with the world. So to be able to share this testimony is a real privilege because Aderinmola has a beautiful and healthy baby to celebrate today. God is sooooo good!!! 

I have come to encourage someone out there that truly, there’s a God in existence and Who manifests in the affairs of men. For emphasis sake, this is not a story of show off but a testimony to direct and redirect that one person to Christ – and to tell the world that nothing is impossible with God!

Sometime in October 2014, I realised I was pregnant (this is after so much desire, several trying and eagerness to conceive). I was filled with so much joy and excitement in anticipation of our bundle of joy and I started preparing, said preparation including but not limited to contacting and already booking an appointment with an ObGyn in a Hospital in the US (this ofcourse meant I had furnished funds for traveling et al). I eagerly started counting the days to the arrival of my baby and I would imagine how and whom ‘she’ would look like and how cute ‘she’ would look… just before I hit 30 weeks, the devil struck!

I merely went for my routine Dr’s visit in Nigeria sometime in May 2015 when upon checking my vitals, it was discovered that my blood pressure was high. I had initially thought that it was not a serious thing (being a JJC in pregnancy things) until I was admitted and within a week, I had to undergo an emergency c-section because I was eventually diagnosed of having severe pre-eclampsia and the surgery needed to be done to save my life… I cried all through this period. My daughter was eventually delivered and rushed to the NICU with birth weight of 1.05kg… a day after, she went to heaven [everything happened within a week!]. I was distraught, perplexed and felt (infact, the feeling was/is unexplainable). My breast started to produce milk which I longed for a baby to suck! Places where I had hitherto gone with my big belly, once people saw me, the next question is where/how is baby and I sadly told them, no baby. How I pulled through that period still remains a mystery to me but one song that resounded in my memory then and that I kept singing is ‘the Lord is my strength and my song, my song (2ce), He has become my salvation (2ce), the Lord is my strength and my song, my song‘. Indeed I drew strength from that song and somehow, I pulled through, but that is not to say that I still did not have moments of weakness and uncontrollable shedding of tears.

Anyway, life continued and fast forward to May 2016, exactly a year after, I was pregnant again! I remember vividly my husband’s reaction when I called him to inform him of my pregnancy; he was over the moon and kept on screaming not minding that he was at work (those who have kept on trying for babies may be able to relate with this feeling). We never stopped thanking God for giving us a shot at pregnancy again, I in particular, and I say this because, I literally became obsessed with being pregnant when pregnancy will not come quick. Anywhere I went to and I saw pregnant women, I would stare at them so bad that they will almost feel embarrassed if they had caught me staring. Let me spare you all the details… So we prayerfully continued in this new pregnancy, I was too particular about what I consumed, I was not stressed in anyway, I exercised minimally… I essentially crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s. I prayed, I rested and slept well!


And then again, at exactly 29 weeks and 4 days, the devil tried sneaking in again! He probably thought he would succeed this time but the Almighty God proved him wrong! I had barely finished praying and about to sleep at the early hours of November 1, 2016 when I suddenly started bleeding! We rushed to the hospital and after several tests, it was said that there’s a partial placental abruption! Another emergency c-section was done and at 4:35am, my son was birthed with the most adorable cry that brought uncontrollable tears down my eyes! He weighed 980grams, less than 1kg and was immediately rushed to the NICU.

I was dumbfounded and kept on thinking and asking myself, how I got to this point again as this particular pregnancy was so seamless and uneventful! But this is where I saw the King of kings and Lord of lords in action! He exceeded our imaginations and those of our son’s caregivers. Did we pray? O yes! we prayed our eyes and hearts out! The Lord raised people to also pray with us. My son spent 53 days in an incubator and even dropped from the weight of 980 grams to 920 grams; and it constantly broke my heart that I could not touch or hold my son but can only watch him through a glass. As much as it broke my heart, I kept my faith charged! I needed to be strong for my son cause it was already established that he is strong (yes, as tiny as he was, he exhibited this trait), and a fighter and I should not be the one dropping the ball! He fought through all the odds and he came out even stronger to the glory of God!

My son began growing and developing and amazed even the medical people taking care of him. I recall one of the nurses getting personal with me and asking where I fellowship and I told her, she told me, this boy is a miracle child. She began praying to his God to bless her for taking care of himIn my mind, I had thought a child of 1.05kg stood a chance, but God had to remind me that He shows up in the most unbelievable circumstances – my son who was birthed at 980grams, dropped to 920 grams is now over 3kg today and very strong I must say! (I’m not saying this to feel good but this is from the testimonies of people who have come in contact with him).

“I have seen God at work in my life and I believe He can be much more to you!

Of course there were some pessimists as Doctors while he was on admission, but they soon realised that there is something different about him and I remember one of them who never really believed he would make it, walked up to me to tell me – this boy is a miracle child! She had to acknowledge that there is something different about him. Indeed the abiding presence of the Lord never left him, His mighty hand was strong upon him, the host of heavens was on assignment on his behalf and he was delivered to us unscathed and in perfect health condition! O my! when he cries for you, you will sure know that there is a mighty one around! You delay his meal by just one second, then you’ll know some people don’t mess with their meals… his smile is too adorable and warming… I can go on and on about this extraordinary child of God…

“There is a God! He is alive and still does miracles!”

God did not just miraculously preserve my boy, He also raised help for us financially. Our hospital bill shot up so high in the range of millions and just as we wondered how this bill would be paid in this recession, God has so far miraculously provided over 85 percent of the required funds of which did not come from our purse! This is God I must say! Indeed, this young man is my Miracle, my Testimony and my Faith Changer because my faith level isn’t the same anymore! God moved me from a state of total hopelessness to being indeed hopeful and my faith has constantly grown!

Friends, this is a message to you that there is God! He is alive and still does miracles! Have you been wondering if God can still? Yes! He can and He will! Please keep trusting Him and keep your gaze fixed on Him. The devil in his usual manner will come and drop several ideas into your mind but please never let it get at you, attack it immediately with the word of God and continuously remind yourself of God’s promises. It worked for me and I believe it can work for you – I continuously declared (such that it became like a song for me), that my son lives and he is not dying! Indeed, he lives!

This is a message of hope to you out there, please be encouraged by this testimony and hold on to God’s word for your life – HE IS ABLE! (choi! those words are real). Per adventure you are still out there and not sure about this God we are talking about, please hear it from me – GOD IS REAL! He loves you and wants to be a part of your life. Please welcome Him into your life and you will be thankful you did. Believe in Him and accept Him into your life as your personal Lord and Saviour and then watch Him transform your life for the better!

And if you are still unsure about facing God squarely, you are still dilly dallying, you are still blowing neither hot nor cold, please retrace your steps and come boldly to the throne of mercy – He is ever ready to welcome you into His ever open arms. I have seen God at work in my life and I believe He can be much more to you!

God bless you!

Aderinmola Utake

“I have seen God at work in my life and I believe He can be much more to you!”