HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This is surprisingly my first post this year. I have been contemplating what my new year message should be and I finally settled on this. I wrote it a while ago and I feel this is the message I want to pass along this new year. Instead of planning, worrying, overthinking, ASK GOD FIRST.

I went to a mall with my brothers the other day and something happened that taught me a lesson. I had been eying a rack with kids’ clothes for a few minutes but I didn’t go close to it. I just admired from a distance wondering if there was anything Joshua could wear. In my head, I had decided that prices at these malls were exorbitant and in this recession, I am all about controlled spending so I was not going to over pay for something I could get my tailor to sew. Lol. Then almost as if I was having an out of body experience I told my brother sitting next to me: “let’s check out those clothes on that rack, maybe I will buy something”. So we went to the rack and they had such cute clothes and the prices were surprisingly reasonable but I still wasn’t planning to buy anything because I always plan what I am going to spend and how and I had not budgeted for this one. I was expressing these sentiments to my brother Korede when my other brother Shola came to join us.

As soon as Shola came over, I started to tease him, telling him to buy the outfit for his nephew and to my pleasant surprise he agreed to. I was so surprised because I honestly was not expecting him to say yes. I also got really excited when he insisted we added a hat that was waaaayyyy too big for my baby to the bag. My other brother who was with me from the beginning said something that has stuck with me. He said: “see o, and you didn’t even want to check out the rack”. It really got me thinking about lost opportunities and how limited we are when we choose to stay at a distance.

If I had continued to sit far away from the rack and didn’t actually get up to take a look, I won’t have gotten the really cute outfit for my baby. The thing is, I won’t have even realised I missed a blessing because I didn’t make a move. I also won’t have gotten the gift if I didn’t actually ask. This is an analogy for me regarding our relationship with God. ‘Ask and it shall be given unto you’. A lot of times, the problem isn’t that God doesn’t want to give us the perfect gifts he has promised, the problem is that we don’t ask. Like me, we imagine all kinds of scenarios and the impossibilities that we just don’t even bother asking. Some things either look too ridiculous to ask for and some things look impossible so once again we don’t ask. But what if you actually took that extra step and made the point to ask, do you think you might have that blessing?

“ Some things either look too ridiculous to ask for and some things look impossible so once again we don’t ask.”

What I have learnt is this: instead of just musing about things I would like and how I would like them, maybe I should take it a step further by actually ASKING. James 4:2 says: “you do not have because you do not ask”. Can I challenge you today to step boldly towards God’s throne of grace and just ask for those things that you REALLY want regardless of how impossible or ridiculous it might look? You just might be pleasantly surprised by what happens.