Last week, my husband had a very bad cold. He was coughing and sneezing everywhere. Much as I felt sorry for him, I felt sorrier for our baby whose eyes lit up the moment he saw his dad’s car pull up the drive way. You see, those two are amazing together. Each time my hubby comes home, the first person he reaches for is our boy, he then tosses him in the air and plays with him. This makes the little man giggle with excitement. He then cuddles him and tells him about his day.

But last week, the routine had to change a bit as he did not want to pass on his viruses to the boy. Even though this decision came from a place of love, our boy did not understand that. He tried to wiggle himself out of my reach immediately his dad got home, his eyes widened with expectation, he opened his arms so he would lift him up and when his dad only patted him on the head and walked away, he threw an epic tantrum. Screaming his little lungs out and throwing his little arms and legs out. This broke my heart as he did it each time he saw his dad that I begged him to just carry him but he said,” I can’t deal with watching him fight a cold, it will be more heartbreaking than this”.

As usual, this little scenario set me thinking about our daddy in heaven. Each day, our daddy sets out to give us “our daily bread” and goes a step further to give “every good and precious gift from above to them that diligently seek Him” so why is it that sometimes, as His children we seem to face the fiercest battles without God even coming through for us. Sometimes, we ask, where is the love??? But scripture tells us that if even we sinful people know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more He. He also tells us that, can a woman’s tender care cease towards the child she bears? And even if she is forgetful yet will he remember us!

Can it then be that sometimes, the silence and trials is for our own good? Like my son, our father has had to withdraw from us because our little selves have to grow a bit in order to receive what He has for us? Maybe, we just have to go through the battle just for a season because it will break His heart to watch us fall apart because He could not turn His eyes away from us for a season so that we will learn to endure the battle?

If on Calvary he had to turn His eyes from His only son that He had to cry “my Father, my Father why has thou forsaken me?”  then maybe, we have to understand that, that is his modus operandi. When we try to understand things from our human view, oh how little we actually do comprehend. He sees further than we do and knows more than we will ever know. Every step He takes is because He knows that eventually, all things will work together for our good. Like my son, we may feel dejected for a season but that is necessary because we are not strong enough to fight what may happen if we do not go through the season. He knows us, He knows what we need to grow. He IS SOVEREIGN.

I mentioned in one of my posts (I guess my testimony) that I will not wish the pain of my journey on anyone but looking back, it was a season God had to let my family go through because though we felt dejected and unloved during that season, He has moulded us into people after His own heart with our experiences. It’s amazing to see what a little pain can birth if we allow it.

So the next time it seems your prayers and wailings are going into God’s junk mail box, remember the numerous things He has done for you that you did not have to pray for. Ask yourself, is this a good thing that my daddy will want me to have? Am I in a place to receive? If yes, then maybe this is one od those things that I have to endure the pain for a little while because it will end in praise.

The bible has so many examples. Hannah had to endure all of Peninah’s taunting but one Samuel ended up being worth more than all of Peninah’s children. Elizabeth had to wait for years for her John but when he came, he was no ordinary John but the forebearer for the Messiah. Joseph had to endure slavery and jail just tohave the authority to save his family from starving. I can bet all these people had seasons where they asked, God are you still there, what about me? But in due season, God came through mightier than the mightiest.

This year, remember that God is not God because of your problems. In fact, should all your problems be solved today, God still remains God and should none of them be solved, He is still God.

Learn to live for God no matter what season you find yourself in. As the song writer of my favourite hymn said, “He knows the way He taketh and I will walk with Him”