My Big Faith Story (Part 1):Biborah’s Testimony

Biborah shared this awesome testimony on her blog: and she has been gracious enough to let us share it here too hoping more people will be encouraged. God really cares about every aspect of our lives and it is left to us to trust. Our confessions and actions of faith are so powerful and if we are speaking contrary, we can’t expect to see God’s hand at work. Thanks so much to Biborah for sharing with us. Please visit her blog and show her some love.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb 11.1)

There’s this story I haven’t told that I believe is worth telling. It borders on faith,favour and miracles. Here goes:

I got excited by the idea of doing an exchange program abroad very early on in medical school. A classmate told me how his sister had done hers in the UK and i just knew that when it was time I would travel for mine too.  When i got to my 4th year, I had friends who had just come back from their electives. A friend of mine, Nonso, gisted me of his experience in Scotland and i just thought to myself ‘I would go to Scotland for my electives’.

When the time came, a lot of my classmates were applying. At this time, my dad had retired and his business wasn’t doing so well. In summary there was no money. I was struggling for money for basic things, ‘talkless’ of travelling abroad for a medical exchange program called electives. The name ‘electives’ even sounds like something that isn’t

I don’t know where the ‘ginger’ came from but I applied with my friends. The hospital I chose opened their portal for a day. I didn’t have a master card so i had to search for someone who would allow me pay with his. After that I had to search for a place that had good internet connection .I found both in Surulere with another friend of a friend’s modem. The laptop was tilted on the bonnet of his Toyota Camry (Edafe do you remember this?).

Turns out the website was down. The next day,the school said they had taken all their applicants and they were full. I was shattered.Then I started reasoning things out, how could I even afford this thing sef? Immunisations, my ticket, passport(my old one had expired),accommodation and feeding, etc. I just called my siblings and told them not to bother.

Where would I get the money from? I didn’t even have enough money to make my hair?

My big sister(Sis Nere) told me not to bother,‘the money would come’ she said. Hope began to rise, at this time most of the schools had closed. I didn’t have a smart phone or access to the internet so I would ask my friends to use theirs. I started mailing hospitals directly if they would accept me. Note that this is not the usual route. The norm is to apply to a University and they would attach you to one of their hospitals.

One of the Universities I applied to earlier sent me an email. The title was rejection letter(harsh right?),the school was University of Glasgow. Time was running out, most of the schools had closed but I kept knocking.

Another set back…my email wasn’t opening. I had tried everything but yahoomail just wasn’t letting me in. I had to open a new one.How would I know if the hospitals had replied me? How would I know if i had been accepted?

I opened another email address. I would google hospitals and send out emails. I was not even checking the countries lol.

Deadlines had passed, money had not come,passport had expired,no open door yet….

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