Testimony: Okiki is a Mum of Twins

I wrote the post below about Okiki on the 4th of September 2015. We had met up I found her so inspiring which led to me writing the post.  For some reason I never posted it and I am not sure why. But now I know everything works perfectly. Today I found out Okiki is the mum of TWINS!!!A boy and a Girl. God is so faithful. Okiki’s outlook in life was so positive and she trusted God and he has done more than she could hope for or imagine. I am so excited and happy for her family. Everything I wrote still remains and I hope someone learns from Okiki’s testimony that God is too faithful to fail you and it is left to you to control your response. Congratulations Okiki and Bolaji Marinho

I went to see Okiki a few weeks ago and today she is our very first Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW). She is someone I have known for years and always considered her to be somewhat of a big Sister. She is always so kind and gracious to me and today was no exception. We couldn’t talk for hours as I was in a rush but the few minutes I spent with her were so encouraging. It was almost impossible for me to make a correlation between her and her experiences as she was so full of vibrant positive energy. Her honesty and frankness and frankness was truly refreshing. She was not hiding under the cloak of shame we are often forced to hide under when we go through these experiences and I definitely took notes. A lot of us have not been through a quarter of what Okiki has been through but our outlook on life is probably more negative than hers. She has learnt to find her joy in God and she is holding on to that strongly even as she continues her journey. Okiki has really taught me that it is how you choose to respond that matters and you can either be a self pitying victim or you can stand strong and be a Victor

“Okiki has really taught me that it is how you choose to respond that matters and you can either be a self pitying victim or you can stand strong and be a Victor. ”

As I mused about our meeting today while trying on some really nice clothes I got from her store (yes she is an amazing designer), I knew I had to do a post on her. I remembered she had written a comment under my very first post and I had to dig it up. I have also included her interview with pulse tv as she spoke openly about her fertility issues and losing her fallopian tubes. I hope the more women speak about these issues, the more encouraged others who are going through similar situations are. You are not alone.

Dear Okiki, I pray God does something incredible for you very soon. I pray he shocks you with the level of blessings he’ll bring to you and your husband and that he turns all your days of mourning into dancing. You will rejoice and have a new song in Jesus Name.

Okiki’s Words

I read your post and wanted to start crying but almost immediately I started laughing. I remember that week when the Doctors literally locked me up and said I can’t leave the hospital until they remove my last surviving Fallopian tube and terminate the pregnancy. I prayed so much, my faith level was so high but still the tube and baby had to be removed. To be told you can’t conceive naturally again is a moment that can break any woman but I just felt this peace that truly passes all understanding. I started thanking Him for a successful operation and I wanted to know what next. I felt IVF would be a walk in the park. It’s funny now because I have had 3 ectopic pregnancies and now 3 failed ivfs. I am not ashamed and I pray by our testimonies others will begin to praise God through the storm like we have chosen to do, that they also will experience this peace. My cousin once said I am lucky because I was able to get pregnant even though it got terminated. That she would have been grateful to experience the joy of a positive pregnancy result after many years of marriage. How can I consider it lucky to see positive result but all the babies were terminated? That’s when I realised women are indeed suffering in silence. We shall all experience the full complete joy of receiving our gift from God IJN. I sometimes wonder why husbands are not referred to as gifts from God. Your husband and mine are nothing short of a luxury gift. God Bless you for this testimony. You shall keep testifying of the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living IJN.

You can watch Okiki’s interview below!!