In 2009, one of my best friends called me sobbing. She had recently lost her part scholarship to go to Oxford University for an MSc due to lack of funds. She had also been applying for jobs and was getting rejections from EVERYWHERE!!! Ironically we expected her to have it easy; She finished undergrad with a distinction and won the tutor’s prize so she was literally the best in her class. By the time she called me, she was at her wit’s end. She could not understand why she was dealing with all these challenges and she was EXHAUSTED. The loss of her scholarship happened at the same period she received a rejection from a company in South Africa that she thought was going to make her an offer. I remember saying to her that it’ll all work out and something great will happen. I wasn’t even sure if I made any sense because quite frankly the situation was pretty confusing to me as well.

Fast forward to 2011/2012, my friend had moved back to Nigeria, did NYSC, random jobs and applied for a job with an international consulting firm that was opening a Lagos Office. The company was only going to recruit two people, one of which They had already found
in England so there was only space for one person. Thousands of people applied for the job but guess what my friend got the offer. You can’t begin to understand our excitement. The salary package was ridiculous. They were paying the same amount they paid staff in the States and they were going to be paying in dollars by the way. I was so happy for her, you would have thought I was the one with the job.

After working with the firm for 2 years, she decided she wanted to go for an MBA at
Harvard and The company offered to pay. Not only that, she also applied for a scholarship sponsored by another multinational and guess what she won the scholarship too.  So my friend had two firms paying for her MBA AT HARVARD.
This is the same girl that lost a part scholarship for a Masters degree at Oxford.

 Around the time she was preparing to leave for her MBA, she was watching the news and apparently the South African firm that rejected her, (the same one she called me crying about) had just filed for bankruptcy and collapsed. My friend called me and began to praise God that they rejected her 3 years ago. She would have had to start looking for a job from scratch and I’m sure they won’t have paid for her MBA at Harvard. Today, my friend has an MBA from HARVARD and was on the Dean’s list. She is back at work and was recently promoted to Manager.

A lot of times when I’m dealing with disappointment or rejection after putting in my best effort, I remember my friend’s journey and I just start to thank God because I KNOW that he has greater plans for me. I also learnt the power of excellence from this friend of mine as well as the fact that God really blesses the works of our hands. My friend won’t have had the opportunities, scholarships and promotions she eventually had if she exhibit a spirit of excellence just like Daniel did.

If we remain diligent where we are, we will definitely enjoy the fruit of out labour even if we suffer multiple rejections and disappointments.  I have learnt that through disappointments there is so much to learn. You learn to REALLY depend on only God because you get to a point of complete helplessness. After you have done your best, worked at your highest capacity and you still get rejections, you have to know when to just rest in the peace of God. My friend said to me that the verse that kept coming to her in hindsight was Psalm 138:8 : “The Lord will perfect all that concerns me” and that is what I want us to believe as well regardless of what the current situation looks like.  

“The Lord will perfect that which concerns me”

I always marvel at people who don’t believe in God. I have so many questions for them: Who do you take your burdens and worries and fears to? How do you go through life completely and totally dependent on yourself when you can hold on to God who created this world? How do you find peace in the midst of the chaos that life often throws at us?

I know as the year is coming to an end you might be tired of the rejections and disappointments. You might want to give up hope on those dreams and prayers being answered but please stay faithful in prayer and praise. Trust me that what is ahead of you is so much greater than any rejection you have faced.  That man who broke your heart wasn’t for you, you’ll thank God for that heartbreak. Same with that job that you believed you were the perfect candidate for. Your perfect healthy baby is on the way. Your pain will create your purpose. Don’t give in to depression, lay it all at the feet of our God, he has written your life’s plan perfectly. Though it tarries, wait on the LORD.

 Stop counting the days, the hours and the minutes, God’s ways won’t always work in the way we want it to because his plans are beyond our imagination. It might not look like something is happening regarding those difficult situations but stay faithful and one day you’ll see a clear path in front of you on the same road that was filled with road blocks.

I haven’t written in a while but I just wanted to send love and encouragement to you this morning. We all need it sometime. I pray you experience the peace of God that surpasses our understanding and that you find strength in the joy of the Lord. 

Love you!