Ginny’s Testimony: Miracle in the Works

I am so thankful to God for this platform and I am even more thankful for everyone who shares their journey with so many people. This one is by Ginny from Ghana and I wish I could give her a hug right now. She writes a testimony that I am sure was incredibly difficult to write. Her son Giovanni is the CUTEST boy and I know through him, God would do excellent things in her life. I know she is not the only Parent who has to deal with certain challenges but I respect Ginny on so many levels because she is using her experience to bless others. She has a blog where she shares her journey and please make sure you check it out: and if you are going through something similar, please reach out and support each other.  Ginny, God healed you for a reason and kept your son too for many reasons, I pray that he would always give you the strength to remain in faith and continue to believe in him as a miracle worker. They said he won’t make it but look at what God did and he who starts a good work in us is always faithful to complete it. That will be your story in Jesus Name. Thank you so much Ginny for sharing this.

I promised I would share this testimony with everyone I know and hope in some way it will touch your heart to take life more seriously, and be thankful for what we have; so here goes:

On Friday February 13th 2015, a year ago today I was rushed  to Tema General Hospital for an emergency Surgery because I had intestinal obstruction, a ruptured meckel’s diverticulum (is a slight bulge in the small intestine present at birth and), and perforated intestines. The previous year I was always feeling faint and always thirsty. Little did I know that the past year of my life, everything I ate was passing through the holes in my intestines and had gradually made my system gangrene (localized death and decomposition of body tissue, resulting from obstructed circulation or bacterial infection). The doctors had wondered how I had survived this whole time. Not to forget I was also about 18wks pregnant. I had a NG tube shoved down my throat through my nose ????while vomiting throughout the process (they couldn’t wait till I was sedated as my condition when I arrived at the hospital was almost passing out). I was told my son wouldn’t make it through the surgery due to the anaesthesia but they would do their best and even if he made it through that he would probably die due to all the medications I would be taking post-surgery.

That was a lot to deal with at the time: newly married, new job, new home and pregnant and then this? I went into theatre not expecting to come out. Waking up from the anaesthesia,, I was hallucinating and was in so much pain. On Valentine’s Day I found myself in the hospital, I slept for the most part of it because the pain was too much. I kept asking for pethadane but the nurses discouraged me from taking it so often because it would hurt the baby. But the pain was so much I just couldn’t bare. I started having suicidal thoughts, but the type where I just wanted to fall asleep and not wake again. I was tired of fighting.  This was no C section by the way, I was cut vertically from my belly button down to my groin.

Every morning when the doctor’s would come round they never really had any hope on their faces. My system was completely down and the foetus was  also fighting for the little nutrients it could get. I wasn’t healing and the doctors were worried. Ten days after the surgery, when the stitches came out, unfortunately I hadn’t healed at all, and had a small infection. As soon as the two bottom stitches were released, puss oozed out of the wound. The doctor had to press everything out and clean the wound, it was less painful than the general pain I was feeling.  My system was still down and I had to take all sorts of medications to boost it, including human albumin which costs an arm and a leg by the way.

So I went in for another surgery to resuture the wound. This time round I walked into the theatre. The doctors told me I was just going in to have a few stitches. I wasn’t aware my fascia had opened up and there was major work to be done. I met the anesthesiologist and he asked me whether I’m spiritual. That made me uncomfortable I don’t know why but I told him I pray. He then told me how gruesome my surgery was and how it was a miracle both the baby and I survived. He said he didn’t think we would because all odds were against us but he realized that either I’m spiritual or I have some serious prayer warriors in my family.

“He said he didn’t think we would because all odds were against us”

The second surgery was the hardest, because I was in so much pain after and stayed in bed for days not motivated to walk or do anything. My mother and husband came every single day to motivate me and cheer me up. But I was depressed and had given up on God. I also had severe contractions, as if the baby wanted to come out. I was out on a number of medications to stop the contractions. It felt like I was in labour and the contractions were strong and frequent for more than a week, yet I did not feel like pushing. Giovanni was super active in my tummy, constantly moving and I think he was probably lacking a lot of nutrients and other things.

I was hospitalized for one month and I was lucky to have amazing nurses and a team of surgeons who were super concerned about my well-being. My IV line was changed 27 times while in hospital. 27… , I believe at 27, I just stopped counting. Lying in the hospital made me give up, and the people that came preaching every morning were just making noise in my ears, I disliked the praise and worship in the morning. I had lost hope because my healing was very slow it was like I wasn’t making any progress, thought I would never leave the hospital, especially when the doctors would do their rounds in the morning, they would gather round me looking at my wound with nothing much to say and not much enthusiasm. I thought I would never heal. I saw people get discharged every day, at least every three to four days,there would be new faces on the ward. I also witnessed 3 deaths while admitted, painful deaths one of a women with burns, one lady with cancer and the other lady who was admitted in the night and died within hours.

One calm boring day, some gentleman walked in one afternoon and prayed for me and gave me a book that spoke about healing by Pastor Chris from Christ Embassy church. Now I’m not a fan of charismatic churches and I’m the number one critic of them all, but I had nothing else to do so I read the book. In fact everyone that came in holding a bible, I turned away because they were just annoying to see and talk to and they made me more sad. But this gentleman in particular approached me ever so nicely and softly even with the way he even spoke to me. The book motivated me and gave me hope that I would be ok. And also made me realise that sickness is not from God.

“And also made me realise that sickness is not from God.”

When I was finally fed up of being bitten by mosquitoes the size of groundnuts, I begged the doctors to discharge me, I still wasn’t well and could barely walk but I convinced them I would heal faster at home. Because the hospital environment just wasn’t helping: I wasn’t eating properly, and I was so depressed.

My son survived my surgery and all the medications. He sacrificed his life for me. Thanks to being pregnant, my symptoms showed and that is how I was rushed to the hospital. If I wasn’t pregnant I would have just been here one day and fallen and died.

Now I owe this little angel everything. Giovanni you are so brave, I’m so sorry you are suffering because of the surgeries and medication I took. I am so sorry that life is going to be different for you and you won’t be like other kids. But I’m forever grateful you saved my life.

People keep saying I should have terminated the pregnancy. But I was told the baby was fine and growing well. Before I was even told that and I was having serious contractions I had already made up my mind he was a keeper. And when I see my son every day I’m so happy I made that decision. He has changed my view on life forever and for the best. And he has also made me believe that God is gracious and miracles do happen. And that is why we gave him the name Giovanni which has quite a number of meanings but the meaning I love best is “God is gracious” because that is exactly what God did for both of us, he showed grace on both my son and I even though we did not deserve it.

“God is Gracious”

A few lessons I have learned from this experience:

1. I’m sharing this testimony today to tell others not to give up on God. Times are going to be rough and people will let you down, family will let you downbut God has always got your back.

2. And to the parents with special children, God chose you for a reason, these children are here to change people probably even you the parent.

3. Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme to some extent works, I wasn’t on it at the time but if I was I would have spent a lot less money on the surgery and treatment.

4. Cherish your spouse, you will argue and fight and the hurricanes will come and shake your marriage. But trust in God to keep it strong!

5. The first two weeks I spent in hospital I didn’t contact anyone and it was the most peaceful two weeks I’ve ever had away from social media. It was refreshing.

6.  Learn to let go of things, it’s really a waste of time dwelling on an unnecessary argument or being upset with someone. Do not dwell on trivial issues, it’s not worth the time or energy. Be happy!

7. Always remember, you are not the only one. Someone some where out there is going through probably something worse than you. So try your best to keep a good humor around people. Showing the devil you are suffering or in pain gives him a lot of stuff to feed on.

8. Prayer really really works! I don’t know how many times God has saved me or done something wonderful in my life.

I hope my testimony touches you and encourages you not to give up on God when times are rough and not to be angry with him when you go through challenges.

I picked the version from the Message. Jeremiah 29:10-11 : “This is God’s Word on the subject: “As soon as Babylon’s seventy years are up and not a day before, I’ll show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

“I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

The God we serve will never abandon us!!

Have a blessed day!