We do not always realise it but God always has a plan. We may not always like it, but everything that happens to us as God’s children is part of His divine plan; His plan to perfect us as Christians on earth and to build our faith.

Severally, things happen that leave us thinking whether God really got this covered or whether the enemy pulled a fast one on all of us. Truth is, God knows and He was with you in the wilderness but you still had to go through the wilderness to become who He planned for you to be.

This morning, I restudied the story of Zachariah and Elizabeth in Luke chapter 1. As I was studying, several questions were running through my mind but what really baffled me was why God allowed Elizabeth, a matured Christian woman to be faced with barrenness knowing very well that barrenness was deemed to be a curse in Israel.

As I pondered on this, it dawned on me that even the greatest miracle is birth in time.  Elizabeth could have had her children earlier but God had handpicked her from the beginning to bear the forerunner of Christ so her testimony had to come at the time God was ready to send His son to the world.

Even in our pain, God has a plan.

Sometimes, God allows the enemy to mess with us, so not to only expose the plan of the enemy but to allow him to shoot himself in the foot. Sometimes, the attack is part of the plan. David, in the book of psalms kept lamenting about how God seemed to have left Him but in almost all of his lamentations, He kept saying “God do not let my enemies rejoice over me”. Could it be that David realized that even in the wilderness, with his enemies laughing at him, God was still working with a plan?

It’s just a matter of time child of God and everything will make sense.

The good news is, whilst the enemy is scheming and trying everything to attack you, God knows this is part of His master plan. He knows how it will end. He knows this too shall pass. For everything there is a season. He knows that after the wilderness comes the testimony. After Marah comes Elim.

Hold on!

Don’t give up in the wilderness because wolves and wild animals are attacking your sheep. It is part of your training for when the time comes to kill Goliath. It is part of the plan and one day, this will lead to your breakthrough.

The attack is painful I know. Like David, you are withered. You keep asking when will the battle end? When will I get to the castle and start my reign? But my dear, they are only attacking you without knowing that the attack is what will fast-forward your ascent to the throne. They think they are wasting your time in the wilderness but they don’t know your father only allowed it because He knows this is the shortcut to your testimony.

The journey would have been longer if not for the attack.

As the Israelites were leaving Egypt to the Promised Land, they did not anticipate the red sea to be the short cut they needed. They cursed at Moses when they realized they were faced with the sea ahead of them and the Egypt soldiers were fast approaching but as usual, God had a plan. The attack by the Egyptians necessitated the miracle of God creating dry land in the sea. So it really was a good thing that Pharaoh chose to change his mind, it was part of the plan.

Whatever you are going through today that makes you think the devil has the upper hand, ask yourself: am I a child of God? Am I saved? Am I in His will? Then know that this one too is working together for your good because Daddy has a plan and it will end in praise. So praise your way through the wilderness, watch the enemy try his worst, even if you get a few bruises in the process, praise your way through because we all know who the final victor will be and it will not be the enemy. Christ overcame him two thousand years ago so he already came to the battleground as the loser. He is just trying to see if he can get you to join the losing team.