Debbie’s Testimony: God’s Healing Power through Surgery

We have a new testimony today!!! This has to be my favourite part of having this platform because we get to share real life experiences of God’s AMAZINGNESS!! This is by Debbie Olusola (A pseudonym) and Debbie shares how God healed her of fibroids through surgery. What I love most is that despite knowing in the physical that Doctors were going to be performing the surgery, she knew that in the spiritual realm, Dr. Jesus, our healer was the one in charge and she knew all was well. I also love that even when the devil tried to deceive her with another sickness after she had received her healing, she REFUSED to let him win and he was put to shame. It is important for us to know that God is the one who has given Doctors knowledge to heal us so instead of us thinking our lives are in their hands, we should always stay focused on who is really in charge. I also love that Debbie said she was specific about her prayer points before surgery because we have to be clear what we want from God and we will receive based on what we say.

I love the song by Hillsong that Debbie referenced. Love it!! Thanks so much for sharing Debbie. We will be waiting for part 2 where you tell us about the baby (babies). *wink* 

“My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus blood and righteousness, I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly trust in Jesus name!” Song title ‘Cornerstone‘ by Hillsong 2012

My journey to healing began sometime in 2011, I woke up with the most excruciating abdominal pain of my life, which continued for a couple of days. When I realized no pain killer would work, my sister (who is a doctor) and I went to the nearest hospital as an emergency patient. The Doctor examined me and gave a preliminary observation of degenerating fibroids pending further tests. I did not know I had fibroids at this point; talk less of a degenerating fibroid! Basically, Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that arise on the muscle of the wall of the uterus, cervix or ovary. Roughly 70% of black women develop fibroids, causing fibroids to be a great public health concern. A degenerating fibroid is a dying fibroid, due to lack of sufficient blood flow to the fibroid.

The diagnosis

I remember thinking from where? how, and of course why me. Anyhow, I was given the strongest pain killers ever (the sort they would give you for hmm…a gunshot wound I am sure!) and told that there was nothing they could do but manage the pain. After two days of taking the prescribed painkillers, the pain finally subsided. I went back a few weeks later for more comprehensive tests and it was confirmed that I had fibroids, two big fibroids and two smaller ones. No big deal, they said, once in a while you will have life threatening pain, (apparently the pain of a degenerating fibroid compares to that of giving birth!) but take the strong pain killers prescribed and you will be fine, eventually. I was advised against having a myomectomy (surgery to remove the fibroids) because it wasn’t severe, and I was yet to have my kids. I was told that I would most likely have unbearable pain every month going forward, so I should keep taking the strong painkillers. I told my God – no, I will not take these strong painkillers every month and I will not have unbearable pain every month. You see, I had read up on these strong painkillers (can’t remember name!) and the side effects of prolonged use included frequent nausea and reduced fertility – no thank you! To God be the glory my periods returned to normal levels of pain by the next month and though they were heavier, I never experienced that crazy degeneration pain again and never ever took those drugs again! Testimony number 1!

The Surgery

Fast forward to three years late in 2014, I was now married and my periods all of a sudden started getting even heavier and irregular. On further checks by the Doctors, it was discovered that the fibroids had now grown bigger. My gyneacologists both in london and Lagos said that they could see four fibroids, and at this point both advised removal via myomectomy since it was now affecting my day to day life, the fibroids were growing bigger, and I was at a point where having kids was on my mind. To be honest, I wasn’t keen on surgery, especially once I found out that the major side effects of this surgery include damage or loss to the womb and death. I remember praying to God to miraculously remove these fibroids, I had never had an operation, never ever been under general anaesthetics and was absolutely scared! My husband and I prayed about it and we gradually felt a peace with going ahead with the myomectomy. In fact my peace was such that I moved the operation forward by a few weeks! Sometime in January 2015 I had the myomectomy – God was so faithful! You see my biggest fear was losing my womb which was a possibility if I bled too much. I had therefore prayed (and yes I was very specific with my prayer points) that I would not lose too much blood, that the surgery would go well with all my organs intact, and that I would come out better than I went in. After a 5 hour surgery I woke up to big grins from my husband and my brother in law, and I knew immediately that all was well! The Doctor came in a few minutes later and showed me the amount of blood lost – very very little! He couldn’t believe it. He also confirmed that they had removed 9 fibroids! There were apparently 5 fibroids that were unseen! Glory to God! I came out of the operation feeling grateful excited and upbeat, mostly at the faithfulness of God. Testimony number 2!

“I was very specific with my prayer points”

The recovery

I was scheduled to leave the hospital two days after the surgery, however the devil tried to rear its ugly head. Somehow I had not passed stool since the operation (48hrs) and in medical world that meant that there is a likely complication. The Doctors were confused because all had gone well, but decided to keep me in the hospital for an extra day for observations. The next day my health deteriorated, I was feeling even worse, really weak and could not eat or drink anything. I remember that my doctor came to me, and apologised profusely. He said he is not too arrogant to admit that perhaps he did something wrong, but he cannot place his finger on it. He said because I seem to be getting worse they will have to operate on me again the next day, open me up and see what the problem is. Two operations in 5 days! Baba God we didn’t discuss that o! So I spent the night talking to God, worshiping him, speaking healing to my body and meditating on the song he gave me. You see my faith was never in the Doctors, it was in the finished work of Christ, His blood and righteousness, so the fact that the doctors may or may not have gotten it wrong did not concern me. I focused on the author and finisher of my faith. To Gods glory, by the next morning all the preliminary interventions began to work, I began to feel better, and by the afternoon I passed stool! I was told I would no longer need a second operation and was discharged the next morning!! My father in heaven is so faithful to His word! Glory to His name forever and ever. Testimony number 3!

“my faith was never in the Doctors, it was in the finished work of Christ, His blood and righteousness”

The conclusion

As I was leaving the hospital, I was told that the removed fibroids would be sent to a laboratory to screen for cancer. At this point I was so filled with faith. I told my husband that I know that I know that I do not have cancer, and did not worry at all. The results came back 7 days later, negative. Testimony number 4!! God provided the funds we needed for the surgery just in time. His grace and power remained with me through recovery, which went well, and I was back on my feet within a few weeks. I cannot thank my God enough, won’t He do it! I know that I know, that He that started this good work in me will be faithful to complete it. Indeed my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness!!!