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Simbo’s Testimony: Faith and Healing

Simbo’s Testimony: Faith and Healing

I am pretty excited about this testimony for a number of reasons. Firstly it was written by an amazing friend’s, Sister so I somehow feel like I have to famz more. lol. Second reason I am excited about sharing this post is because it kind of perfectly aligns with the theme the last few posts have taken which is FAITH! It is even more amazing because she speaks A LOT about sewing a seed and if you read my last post about Abel, you will understand how AWESOME the timing is. Simbo actually sent me this testimony in November 2015 but there just never seemed to be a right time to post it but now I realise we were waiting for THIS TIME!

I learnt so much about Faith from this testimony and I hope you do too. Please also be very aware that you have to have your OWN Faith and not just rely on what your Pastor says. Every time she sowed a seed, it was inspired by the Holy Spirit (you know that is my FAVOURITE person) so please develop that relationship with the Holy Spirit so that it is his leading you follow ALWAYS instead of overly depending on other people. I truly pray that you are inspired by this post and that your faith is STRENGTHENED. Although she shared this testimony years ago, it is still so relevant. Thank you so so so much Simbo for sharing this with us, God bless you. I know you have had many more testimonies since you turned 40 and I am waiting for you to share. Thank you!

Also, if you have a testimony, please share it because you NEVER know who will find healing through your experiences.

Dear Bolatito, My sister, recommended your website to me- she actually told me to read Dolapo’s testimony on forgiveness. I am inspired to share my testimony on healing to bless the life of someone out there.

This was written in July 2007 for my thanksgiving in church:

I am giving thanks to God today for 2 things- Firstly, my 40th birthday was on June 10, 2007, exactly 3 weeks ago today. I don’t look it and I don’t feel 40. Indeed, my youth is renewed as the eagle’s. Secondly, I was hospitalised for 6 weeks between April and June this year and my recovery was miraculous.

About 10 years ago, I discovered that I had some pelvic irritation and a small mass in my lower abdomen on the right side. Of course, I spoke to it and prayed about it as I’d been taught; eventually, I ignored it and learnt to live with it.

4 years later, I was seen by one of my colleagues who sent me for a pelvic scan. This showed that I had multiple uterine fibroids and I was advised to have them removed surgically.At this time, it was not symptomatic and so I totally ignored it. About 2 years ago, I realised that my uterus had grown bigger (about the size of a 6 month old pregnancy) and was now giving me pressure symptoms.

My periods were not affected so I decided to ignore it and use my faith to get rid of it. Somehow, this didn’t work and I worked on growing my faith. I got results for other issues concerning me but I seemed to struggle with this particular one.

Eventually, I decided to have the surgery done early last year (2006). I went to the National Hospital, Abuja and attended the Gyne Clinic where several tests were done to prepare me for the surgery. I was told to come back and fix a date for the surgery.

Soon after this, fear crept in- I had thoughts coming to me of me not coming out of anaesthesia. Also, I felt that I would not live to see my 40th birthday in 2007; in fact, I thought I was not going to live to enter 2007! So I decided that if the devil wanted to get rid of me through the surgery, then I may as well not do the surgery. After all, I was not bleeding abnormally during my periods and I didn’t have any immediate plans of getting married, so there was no hurry.

Around November 2006, I was listening to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ministering and he talked about a woman who was crying about the fibroids getting bigger and how she needed surgery. He then said, ‘why are you crying, are you afraid of the knife or the anaesthesia? After all, you said you believe there is heaven, so you’ll just go to heaven’. Suddenly he said, “How many times did Jesus Christ say ‘Fear not’!”

This came as rhema to me and immediately I rebuked the fear and told myself that I would not die but live to glorify God.

In December, I told my family that I was going to go ahead with the surgery. I was in Lagos for the All-night service of December 31, 2006 and the anointing of God’s spirit came upon me so strong like I’d never felt it before. I learnt later that people around me kept turning to look at me but I was in another realm.

God spoke to me and told me that my 40th year would be the best that I’ve ever experienced and that would be the least I would ever be. I wrote down all He told me and then Pastor Chris began to prophesy. I knew then that everything would turn out OK.

The first Sunday service of the year, while my Pastor was preaching, he said that we should know that Pastor was passing across an important message when he kept saying, ‘the Word is in my heart, its in my mouth’. Before he finished, the Holy Spirit told me to sow a seed in the life of my Pastor and He also told me the amount and in what currency. I did as I was instructed and went to the hospital in February and fixed the date for the surgery.

I planned to move to a new flat in the first quarter of this year but getting the kind of place I desired suddenly seemed impossible. Even when I increased my budget, I still couldn’t get a good place. People who are familiar with Abuja will understand what I went through.

The devil started again, to try to put me in the bondage of fear. He told me not to bother looking for a house- why should I spend so much money on a place that I would not live in. I rejected this and decided to start packing my stuff so that even if it was while I was in hospital that I could get a place, it would be easy for my friends to move my things.

While I was doing this, again he said that I should pack them neatly so that they would be able to send my things to my family in Lagos. He said I should put all my financial documents together so that it would be easy for my next of kin to sort them out. Again, I rejected these thoughts and kept telling myself that I had the power to lay my life down (sleeping under anaesthesia) and the power to take it up again (coming out of it).

I was admitted on Sunday April 15, 2007 and during the first service that morning, my Pastor had told us that a Christian should not die accidentally.

The surgery was done the next day and it took about five and half hours- this was a very long time for me to be under anaesthesia. Before I went in, I told all those around me that I would see them in a little while- this was an act of faith.

I was on admission at the National Hospital, Abuja for 10 days and eventually had to insist on being discharged on Wednesday April 25, 2007 as there was a lot of negligence in my management. Later, I realised that this was by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

My mum came over the next day to help me recuperate but while at home, I realised that my recovery was very slow. In a telephone conversation with my boss on Friday, he insisted that I seek a second opinion as he did not like the way my voice sounded. I assured him that I would do so the following Monday.

While I was praying on Saturday evening, the Holy Spirit stopped me and told me to sow a seed of thanksgiving. I knew that I couldn’t go to church the next day but I obeyed Him. So I told my mum to give me one of the tithe envelopes I had at home and to give me my bag. I brought out my cheque-book and wrote the exact amount that He told me to give. I prayed over it and commanded it to go forth and work for me. Then I remembered that there was a sister staying with me for the weekend who could drop my seed on the altar.

On Sunday morning, as she was about to leave, I gave the envelope to her and instructed her to place it on the altar and not in the offering bag. It was later that I would know the significance of this simple act of obedience.

On Sunday evening, I called one of my senior colleagues who is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and works in a Specialist Hospital in Abuja. I told him that I would like to seek a second opinion and wanted him to arrange for me to see the Consultant Gynaecologist. He said that unfortunately, the Chief Consultant Gynaecologist, Dr Fashina was on his way to the United States that very evening but that there was another Consultant who could see me.

On the way to the hospital on Monday April 30, 2006, I sent a text message to him to let him know that I was on my way. He tried to call me back but the network was quite bad. Apparently, the other doctor who was to see me was on his way to Benin that morning.

As I got to the hospital, lo and behold, Dr Fashina was around. He said that he just decided to postpone his trip until a later date. This was my seed at work.

Just by looking at me he came up with a tentative diagnosis- imminent anaemic heart failure with abdominal distension most likely due to internal bleeding. Immediately, he told me to drink a lot of water so he could do an ultrasound scan. The scan confirmed that I had about 2 litres of blood and pus in my abdomen. The only management was for me to have an emergency surgery.

He called my mum aside and explained everything to her but assured her that I would be OK. Later I learnt that my case was so bad, it took faith in God on his part to believe that I would come out of the second surgery alive. I was severely pale and my heart was beginning to fail. This was compounded by the fact that I had gross Septicaemia which could affect any and every organ in my body.

While I was being prepared for surgery, Dr Fashina walked in with another Consultant Gynaecologist who heads the department at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria. He was just passing through and as was his custom, called on Dr Fashina who told him that I was on admission and needed emergency surgery. Before seeing me, he agreed to assist Dr Fashina with the surgery. They kept saying, ‘with God on our side’. This was my seed at work again!

The surgery took 2 hours and I survived it. I was placed on the most potent intravenous antibiotics in high and at some point, double doses –Rocephin, then Fortum & Zinacef, then Fortum & Genticin and also Zithromax tablets.

I was on antibiotics throughout my 4-week admission at this hospital. This showed even me how bad the case was. I was a wonder to the doctors, the nurses, the laboratory scientists, and even the hospital attendants. They had not come across a patient like me in a very critical condition and who was recovering miraculously. As we finished battling with one complication, another one would arise.

Sometimes, the devil would tell me to give up but then I would speak out loud, ‘I will live and not die to declare the glory of God. The dead cannot praise You, only the living’.

One day, the Holy Spirit told me to take some watermelon to stop a side effect I had from one of the medication I was given. The wisdom of God is like foolishness to man.

What the injections that I was given to counter the side effect could not do, the watermelon did, the instant I took it! God is indeed wonderful!!

I thank God for the prayers and support of the saints of God, for indeed heaven was bombarded on my behalf. Prayer chains were set up and I was overwhelmed by the love shown to me.

Even though I’ve lost about 12kg, it was excess weight that I had tried so hard to lose over the past 3-4 years.

Dr Fashina told me that it was obvious that from within me, I was fighting to live. This was true because so many thoughts came to me but I had to choose which one to believe and also confess.

Thank God for my seeds, they worked for me. The faith confessions in the Healing School magazines helped me strengthen my faith and whenever I got depressed, I would take the magazine and read from cover to cover.

There is so much to say, but I can’t go into all the details now.

This is my year of supernatural accomplishments!

I have celebrated my 40th birthday and I know that indeed my life is in my hands. God has finished everything that concerns me.

I have come to know God more and understand His love for me. God’s word never fails, it works all the time. The word of creation is in my mouth and I’m creating the world that I want to live in.

Now I understand when Pastor says, ‘keep saying it, don’t stop talking it…’

The words in my heart that I spoke out brought me out of the grave and unto glory!

I resumed work on June 4, 2007 to the surprise of everyone and I’m getting stronger and better everyday.

I’m so glad that I belong to Jesus. Oh what a life, what a privilege, what an honour!!

May God richly bless you, in Jesus name.

Yours in Christ,

My Lighthouse the test becomes the testimony


It is so odd, writing about the loss of a child, you fear that the words can never fully express the pain and the gravity of the situation. But I don’t mean to just express my pain and loss. I mean to show God’s power and love even in the darkest days.

I come from a culture of silence, where speaking about certain issues is almost taboo. One of the most kept secrets is when a woman loses a child, no one talks about it and it is almost like it never happened. People only speak about it when the woman has another child or they find out that you have lost a child. I fall in the category of the latter. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter  on the 2nd of March 2015 and she passed away on the 3rd of March 2015 after 42 weeks pregnancy.

I remember my experience and every time, I marvel at the power of God to give unimaginable peace. I found out on the 22nd of January 2015 that my daughter had a condition called congenital diaphragmatic hernia; an extremely rare condition in which the diaphragm does not fully develop and has a hole. The diaphragm is the organ that separates the chest cavity from the abdomen. When it has a hole, it leaves space for the organs in the abdomen including the stomach, liver and kidneys to go into the chest cavity. This means they take up space meant for the organs in the chest cavity and barely leave room for them to grow.

In my daughter’s case, her heart ended up being pushed to the right and her lungs barely developed. In fact she only had one lung and that was almost undeveloped. The summary of this, they told me, is that once she was born, she won’t be able to breathe on her own due to lack of lungs and the positioning of the heart.  The ironic part is the fact that as they spoke I could feel her kicking and turning. This made it very difficult for me to understand what they were saying and they emphasised to me that I was keeping her alive through my placenta. They emphasized that once she was brought into the world, she had less than a 15% chance of survival only achievable with intense medical intervention. She was also a very small baby and so there was a limit to how much her body would be able to take even with intervention.

They literally told me she was going to die.

Now as a Christian, I only knew one thing. I had FAITH. My Faith was that God would perform a miracle that’ll shock them. They only knew medicine but they didn’t know my God. Jesus woke Lazarus up from death after 3 days in the grave. Jesus Christ said that faith of a mustard seed could move mountains and I TRULY believe that. My faith was completely childlike and I prayed every day that God would perform a miracle for me. I asked God to shame the forces of evil that wanted to hurt my daughter and take her away. I called on my Church family and my husband and I told those closest to us to join us in prayer and I documented the process with videos so I could share my testimony with the world.  And my baby girl was so active, she would kick and turn when I prayed and took communion. She strengthened my faith.

When my daughter was born, after 14 hours in labour, I saw her try hard to take breaths but she couldn’t. I saw how beautiful she was in a few quick seconds before they had to take her to NICU to try to save her life. She was so small but so incredibly beautiful with SO MUCH HAIR!!! For some reason I cannot forget her beautiful head of hair. I truly believed when they took her away, they will come back to me with an apology for doubting my faith and they will realise she was completely healthy. I kept waiting for them to come and give me the update and they eventually did. But contrary to my expectations, they came to tell me just how serious the situation was and how bad it looked. They had tried everything but it all seemed to have no effect. They were just going to monitor her for the next few days and see if she improved. I knew when they said this that she was definitely going to improve. I am a believer in the word of God that says where there is life there is hope, so my hope did not wane for a second.

Even when the doctor came to call me that her case had deteriorated and I should come and spend some time with her, I thought it was because God needed me to be present for the miracle (lol…like God needs anyone’s help). So I was very excited to go and be with my baby girl. I will never forget entering the NICU room and seeing all the babies in their incubators and then I saw my baby girl with all types of wires on her while the Doctors were pressing her chest because her heart had stopped. She was so small and they could only use a few fingers to administer CPR and even then I knew she was going to be just fine. God waited 3 days to bring Lazarus back to life so my baby was definitely going to be fine.

I asked if I could carry her and they said yes. I put her close to my chest, and put my breast on her mouth and tried to make her suck but she just couldn’t because she didn’t have the strength, so I just held her close and talked to her and sang to her. I told her how much I loved her and how much I wanted to be her mum and how much I wanted to take her home with me. I begged God to please save my baby’s life.  I told her to shame the Doctors and Nurses that told me she won’t make it through the night. My husband took pictures of us and I still look at those sometimes. He also took pictures with her and held her close and just enjoyed having his daughter in his arms and I took pictures of them. I saw him become a Dad in the way he carried her and instructed me on carrying her and that was beautiful and comforting because I knew he was a wonderful father.  As we spent time with her, the doctor and nurses kept coming to check her pulse and every time it seemed it was harder to find a pulse but that didn’t deter my faith.

Then I got really tired all of a sudden and I could barely keep my eyes open. My husband was holding our daughter and somehow I drifted to sleep. I have no idea how many minutes I had been asleep for but it felt quite long but also quite short. I can’t explain it but I knew it was God who put me to sleep to avoid seeing the actual moment she passed away. When I woke up, my husband was still holding her but I immediately knew that my baby girl had gone home to heaven to be with her ultimate father and creator. I asked my husband and he told me she was completely cold and stiff in his hands and I was okay with it. I still cannot explain how I did not run mad and how my heart was so calm. I just accepted it or maybe it was because a part of me still knew God could turn the situation around. We eventually called the Doctor and told her our baby girl was gone and she took her from my husband’s arms. We quietly went back to our room in complete silence; there was just nothing to say.

Even as the Chaplain came in to the room to comfort us with pictures of her and birth certificate and little mementos from the hospital, I was still just numb. I told him I felt ashamed that I lost the battle despite my faith. He reminded me that in this world we fight many battles but we are in a war and it is ultimately about winning the war.  I also remember our dear friend Erina Raji came to see us a few hours later, I just wanted to sing and praise God! I wanted to so badly sing that I was humming the words to ‘My God is Awesome’ by Charles Jenkins and Erina goes ‘Tito wants to sing’ and I just sang.

This is the point I saw my test become my testimony. This is when I realised I had reached a new level of faith. A point where like Job I could say ‘Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him.’ I NEVER in a million years thought I would be able to praise God when my daughter had just passed away and this is why I call this experience a testimony. God put peace in my heart and song on my lips. I knew even in the blur of my pain that ‘everything would work for my good’.  I was also able to say that ‘God loves her more than I could ever have loved her’ and I knew it hurt him more than it hurt me to see me in so much pain because as my Father he always wants to give me everything I ask him for. I immediately knew that the fact that our daughter was taken away must eventually be part of God’s purpose for our lives in someway. After all I knew that God is the Alpha and the Omega and he knows the end from the beginning and his plans for me are always good.

This might all sound contradictory to someone who is not acquainted with my God and I might have agreed if I was an outsider. However, my relationship with God had gotten to the point that I realised that although it was the enemy that caused us the pain, God could have stopped it but he chose not to. I realised that with the way we called out to him within the 6 weeks period leading to her birth, God could have definitely changed things but he didn’t because he had a different plan. I remembered Jesus Christ before He was crucified was in so much anxiety as He prayed that blood dripped out as sweat and He asked His Father to take the cup away from Him but He ultimately said the words ‘let your will be done’. And I remember saying to people that even though the enemy thought he had won, he was going to regret it because God is the one who restores and when He does He would bring more blessings just as with Job. I just wondered HOW????

I realised that my love for GOD is supreme and being his daughter was the most important reason for my life. As Christians, we pray all the time ‘let your will be done’ and assume there will be no pain. I wonder if many of us will still praise God when we experience pain. Would we still proclaim his love for us or would we give up on him? I realised that I had grown so much that this storm did not distract me from the still small voice of my God which says ‘be still and know that I am God’. Beyond all of this, I am able to thank God for everything he has done for me through my experience.

My relationship with my husband is on a new level of closeness that I did not think was possible. Our love for each other has grown deeper and this also translates to our love for God. My husband is such an incredible support system that I know for a fact God brought the two of us together for a reason. He had a small settee to sit on when we were at the hospital but he was just so focused on me that his discomfort was almost non-existent. We prayed together so much and his faith strengthened mine and I will always praise God for blessing me with a man after His heart that I can share my faith with.  I should also apologise that this experience seems like it only happened to me but we both went through this emotional roller coaster and reached the conclusion that God remains God.

The reason I am sharing this is not because I want a pity party but because I want to share God’s love even in the midst of pain. I want to share His love NOW. A lot of times when we go through difficult moments as Christians, we seem to forget all about God and we just wait until times get good again before sharing our testimonies. We almost forget that it is God that holds us up when we could have broken down. It is God that sustains us and gives us the ability to move forward. I love the quote that says ‘until the doors of blessings open, praise God in the hallway”. A lot of people have marvelled at my husband and I’s ability to move forward so fluidly and so strongly but we are always quick to give God the Praise. My best friends kept asking me the question ‘are you sleeping now’ a few days after and I always laughed because sleep was not a problem.

God told me he expects me to share this with the world and not wait until the next baby dedication. He wants you to know that he remains God even when you are hurting and he is the balm of Gilead. I acknowledge that this was not just by my strength, God sent us so many helpers and they truly built me up during the times when I got so low that I didn’t even know how to pray or read my bible. God really would not give you a challenge you cannot handle. I have complete confidence and peace in my heart and know that greater things are coming, but right now I just want to let the world know that God is ALWAYS good even while you wait. Praise him always!

My Lighthouse My faith journey Abel

My Faith Journey: Abel (Day One)

In my previous posts, I mentioned my challenges in terms of building my faith. I also mentioned how I spoke to God about this and The Holy Spirit told me we are going to go on a faith journey by studying each person Paul mentioned in Hebrews 11 as exemplary people of Faith in order for me to fully grasp what it means to have Faith and build mine in the process. This is the very first entry regarding my faith journey and every single day I intend to share what I learn. I just pray the Holy Spirit helps me to articulate it properly and pray that you will also be blessed in the process. I also recieved so many positive and encouraging messages regarding my last few posts and I just feel so blessed and grateful to God for even using me in this way, I take no credit, all credit belongs to God and I am just a vessel and that is incredibly humbling. Thank you so so much for your kind words and taking the time to even write to me.


The first person that Paul made reference to in Hebrews 11, regarding their Faith was Abel. When Paul was making a list of names, he considered Abel important enough to mention it first. Was this just done in chronological order? I checked and it makes sense because Abel was the very first person we saw that took a step of Faith. Adam and Eve had failed woefully because they didn’t trust God enough to obey him when he told them not to eat the forbidden truth so Abel was really our first example of someone taking a step of Faith.

I have a confession; when I thought about Abel, I really didn’t get the HYPE, I mean what did he REALLY do? He didn’t do miracles like many other people so for me; I just didn’t even know how Abel made the cut. So I had to go back to Genesis Chapter 4 to read all about Cain and Abel again and this whole time I was asking the Holy Spirit to show it to me. And I believe he did. What I got firstly is that a lot of us have associated FAITH to miracles. Let me explain, we only think it is important to have Faith when we are asking God for something and we are at our wit’s end and then we bring in FAITH while seeking divine intervention. I mean I know all about this because that is me A LOT OF TIMES. I remember when I was in that hospital praying that GOD will just come through one last time and I was just waiting for THAT MIRACLE which in obvious terms NEVER came but what God has done in my life since continues to blow me away. But I digress, back to Abel. What Abel showed me is that Faith is not a ONE TIME thing but a daily requirement where every single aspect of our lives is lived by FAITH.

So what made Abel so special? It was about his GIVING! This is how the bible puts it:

And in the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground to the Lord.4 Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of their fat. And the Lord respected Abel and his offering (Genesis 4:3-4).

I had to do some more reading to see if God had ever given an instruction about giving and his expectations in previous chapters and there is no indication that he did but SOMEHOW, Abel of his own free will gave GOD the firstborn of his flock and of their fat. In fact in the NLT version of the bible, this is what is written: Abel also brought a gift—the best portions of the firstborn lambs from his flock. The Lord accepted Abel and his gift (Genesis 4:4) and in the message version they said this: Abel also brought an offering, but from the firstborn animals of his herd, choice cuts of meat. God liked Abel and his offering.


 So just to emphasise this again, Abel, of his own accord, without God asking him to, decided to give God the first born of his flock and choice cuts of meat. He took his time, thought about it and made that decision to honour God with the best!!! I confess that I was just in awe and in my mind I started thinking God must have commanded them to do it but in previous chapters there is no proof of that, it was just Abel’s choice which is great proof of his FAITH!!! How???  He acknowledged first and foremost that everything he had and was blessed with came from God and he chose to honour that by giving God the very first of his flock. That is the first thing. But more importantly to me is that he trusted God enough to give God the best knowing that the same God who had blessed him with this flock would bless him with even more. And THAT to me is INCREDIBLE FAITH. God did not have to command him or tell him ANYTHING. He just had the FAITH in God to know that he could trust God with the best of what he had. FAITH IS BLIND TRUST, the one that you just DO without God even asking.

A lot of us pay out tithes because we have been told that it is the commandment so we count out that 10% and pay it especially if your pastor emphasizes it every Sunday. So yes, we pay TITHE because that is the minimal requirement from God. Now with our offering, do we really HONOUR God the way Abel did? Do we sit down to think: “everything I have is a gift from God and I choose to honour him by giving him this amount’? We tend to think our giving is about the pastors and priests but that is where we get it wrong, it is not even about them but about the GOD who blessed you with it. I remember saying to my husband that I want to get to that level of Faith where I give God 90% of my income because I know that the 10% I have left will be “abundantly more than I can ever hope or imagine”. Please do not even ask me what level of giving I have attained o. lol. That is why I am on a FAITH JOURNEY.


I was watching a sermon by Creflo Dollar (Love his sermons!!) and he said something profound. He said giving is the most basic level of faith. He said you can’t trust God to do the big things like miracles and healing if you can’t even trust him enough with money which is the smallest of our blessings. KAIIII!!! I was humbled. He said “how will you expect God to heal your cancer if you can’t even trust him enough to provide for you by honouring him with your money”. Is that not the truth??? Do we have enough Faith to be like Abel to honour God with the best of our income and blessing because we KNOW he not only provided for us in the first place but because we also know that he has promised to “never leave us nor forsake us” and in the words of Jesus Christ:

“Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?  Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?

“So why do you worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.  Now if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will He not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?

 “Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. (Matthew 6:25-31).

And please be aware that before he mentioned this he gave one key instruction: “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. (Matthew 6:24).  

So my reflection today regarding this Faith Journey is that I must honour GOD with EVERYTHING that I own because he is the giver of the gift and he is the one who will always provide for me. I believe this is something Abel recognised that Cain did not which is why Abel’s gift was acceptable and Cain’s was not. Like Abel, do you trust God to honour him with your giving or is your faith just not strong enough for you to believe that the key to God’s blessing is in releasing what you have? Are you to scared to release the little you have because you are worried about where the next one will come from? Have a little faith (apparently a mustard seed size is all you need) and step up your giving a little and see what happens. And remember, if you are scared and doubtful, be honest with God about that too but still do it anyway. Let us all have a little bit of Abel in us because:  

By an act of faith, Abel brought a better sacrifice to God than Cain. It was what he believed, not what he brought, that made the difference. That’s what God noticed and approved as righteous. After all these centuries, that belief continues to catch our notice” –Hebrews 11:4(msg)