Okay, God is definitely speaking to someone (possibly me) through this blog. Naa is going to be a regular contributor to the site and she had sent me this post last week but I didn’t open it until today. So Imagine my shock when I started reading it and noticed she had written about the same topic I had written about on Monday. Clearly God wants us to hear him loud and clear: IT WILL WORK OUT FOR YOUR GOOD! So instead of wasting energy worrying learn to TRUST GOD!

I read a book called ‘The Shack” and this quote jumped out at me: “Just because I work incredible good out of unspeakable tragedies doesn’t mean I orchestrate the tragedies. Don’t every assuming that my using something means I caused it or that I need it to accomplish my purposes. That will only lead you to false notions about me. Grace doesn’t depend on suffering to exist but where there is suffering you will find grace in many facets and colours” – God.

I was on my Facebook home page when I saw a story which was shared to my timeline by a friend. The story was from a witch doctor who has now converted to Christianity. She shared of her experience where she was hired by a man to make his wife to lose her mind and cause her to commit suicide. This wife fell sick and was hospitalized and treated for a bad case of bronchitis. Not knowing her whereabouts, the man started telling people his wife had been sent to a mental home and was suicidal because he hoped what he had paid for had come to pass but the wife was very well and stable. The witch doctor was shocked her curse did not come to pass.

I allowed myself to think through the story over and over again. I put myself in the wife’s shoes. I imagined her praying severally for her healing from the bronchitis which had broken her down but unknown to her, God was working something out! Instead of losing her mind, she had a bad cough work together for her victory.

David one said “Here though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for THOU art with me”. Often, we question when things don’t go as planned. And I guess it is a normal human reaction to question when things do not go our way but in our questioning, can we trust God that ALL things are working together for our good? Can we boldly declare that although it looks like the situation I find myself in is very bad, God is with us? And with God in our vessel, no matter how hard the wind blows we know that just a word from Him will calm our storms?

I have learnt that, each time God allows something we consider bad, it is often to save us from something worse the devil has planned for us using the devil’s own strategy. For a moment, the devil will think he has won but God is the victor indeed. Let’s look at the death of Jesus. At the time Jesus hanged on the cross, the disciples might have been thinking, “this is the worst thing that could happen to us”. The devil and his demons must have been hosting a victory party but God knew that the death of Jesus will cause more harm to the devil as it will reconcile the whole world to Himself. Therefore when you think what is happening to you is bad, remember Romans 8:28 “For ALL things will work for the good of them that love the Lord” so once you love the Lord be rest assured that He is working it out

I have grown to trust God’s ways without questioning. I have grown to understand that eventually everything will fall in place if we do not get weary. I have grown to trust God in the darkness and in the light and when holding on becomes hard, I remember that no worthy character in the bible had it easy so this is part of my journey.

This year has been a particularly hard one for my family, but through all these challenges, I have  come to understand God in ways I probably never would have. Even when it seemed my faith was lost, it was God teaching me how to hand over my weaknesses to Him.

In the midst of the challenges, the nagging question at the back of my mind is “What if God allowed all these to prevent a big mishap”. What if like the woman in the story above, God gave me bronchitis to land me in hospital so the devil will think he has won when in reality, the devil has only strengthened me? What if God allowed all these because it was His battle strategy for a war raging in realms I do not see?

Scripture tells us that “For we battle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in high places”. With wars raging in high places that we do not see, we have no option than to trust unwaveringly in what God takes us through because even the toughest battles fought in God’s armies, the wounds attained in the battle fought with God on our side will work together for our good.

Last night, I thought about David. I imagined a young skinny boy alone in the woods tending to his sheep. He did not know a Goliath was planning to attack his people; all he knew was that his sheep had to live. And whilst tending his sheep, he fought off wild animals. I imagined David getting a few wounds whilst fighting off these wild animals and I imagined him asking “When will these animals leave my sheep alone?” But what David did not know that whilst he thought the wild animals were not his battle, they were merely his training ground. Whilst he was fighting wolves and snakes off, his real battle was preparing to pick up a war. And when David was strong enough, when the wounds he picked from fighting wild animals have healed, David knew there was no battle he could not win. David’s main purpose was not to fight wild animals but the wild animals were necessary for winning his main purpose. David would not have been brave enough to fight Goliath had he not fought his wild animals and gained a few wounds and even lost a few sheep.

Often, we think the battles we face are to hurt us but as Christians, I have learnt that every battle we face is either for our good or to train us. To train us to win the battle ahead or to teach us lessons we would not have learnt otherwise.

As I have been saying over and over again when this battle gets too hard for me,”Not every battle is personal, some are purposeful”.  And we can only trust God in this battle knowing if He allowed it, then He is in there with us every step of the way.